Deeper Waters

A workshop for people with projects on the go.


Are you ready to dive deeper into your writing life?

Are you craving a deeper relationship with your stories? Do you long to write more — more bravely, more productively, and more deeply? Do you want to grab your writing dreams and pull them down to the page?

Here’s how it works:

This is an only application-only class for a small group of dedicated writers, mid-way through big projects. We’ll meet every week for 12 weeks to spend a cozy 3 hours writing, workshopping, and discussing our writing lives. The class will involve plenty of writing in the moment, with meaningful homework to keep the magic alive between sessions.

Through ongoing dialogue and writing about our creative rhythms, we’ll create a space where you can learn what type of writer you truly are, and how to work from your comfort zone to maximize your productivity. We’ll also explore what real goal-making looks like, why it’s tricky, and what to do when those goals get besieged by the demands of life.

Bring us your passion, your mess and your questions. We’ll take it from there. Writerly gifts, small group feedback, and delicious home-baked goodies will be a-plenty.

This class is ideal for people who:

  • Have done a few writing classes and are ready to take what they have learned deeper.

  • Are looking for meaningful feedback, and are ready to give it to others.

  • Have time to commit to writing. (There will be homework!)

  • Are motivated by writing with others in a supportive, caring environment.

  • Are ready to commit! 12 weeks is a lot. Buckle in, babies!

  • Love a good home-baked cookie.

You can expect to walk away with:

  • LOTS of new, completed work.

  • A community who shares the same path.

  • Warmups and activities to get you back to the page.

  • A deeper sense of what is possible in your creative life.

  • A clear idea of what makes your creativity thrive and what makes it wilt.

  • Courage, momentum, and new ideas.

This class won’t be a good fit for people who:

  • Have finished manuscripts that they are working to polish and publish. Please see Firefly’s Manuscript Services for this.

  • Think that writing thrives best on harsh and critical feedback.

  • Are looking for a very quick way to inject more creativity into their lives. This class asks for your time, commitment, and dedication.




Winter 2020

12 Tuesday evenings 7 – 10pm
January 7 - March 24
At the Firefly Studio with Ailsa


The fee for this workshop is $825. When you’re accepted into the class, you’ll be asked for a $500 deposit to confirm your spot, the balance of $325 will be due a week later. You also have the option of breaking your balance into four monthly credit card payments of $81.25. There’s no extra fee for this service; we just like being able to offer it. Note, HST will be added to all costs.

We don’t want money to be a barrier to participation for our classes, but we know it can be. This is often especially true for people facing marginalization. We have a small scholarship fund available, allocated on a first-come-first-served basis for anyone who needs it. Please let us know in your registration form if you’d like to apply. On the other hand if you’re able to contribute to our scholarship fund, click here.

To see our financial and cancellation policies, click here.


Ready to take the leap?

Applications open October 2, 2019.


Your answer is probably on this page.

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What people are saying:


I’d taken a couple of Memoir Classes with Firefly and I really wanted to take on a bigger project, possibly with some of the work that came out of one of the earlier workshops. I was thrilled about the Deeper Waters class. I had no idea how much it would integrate into my life, so much so that I felt a huge loss after it was finished! In Deeper Waters I was able to make a commitment to a project (or two) and come out with something really substantial at the end. I loved having class for months at a time and it especially got me through those dark winter nights! I recommend this class to anyone who has the time and desire to make a larger commitment to a project they’ve been wanting to dive back into.

Kara Melissa Sharp
Writer, mother blogger


Before I took Deeper Waters, writing was important to me, but not a focus. Since taking the class, writing has taken on a new, exciting, and more central role in my life. It matters. I want to write things I didn’t want to before. Having regular deadlines, and real, compassionate feedback has helped my writing life become grounded and allowed it to grow into a bigger tree than I even thought it wanted to be. Thank you.

Sandra Flear
Writer and a love, sex and relationship therapist.

Oriah circle.png

Taking the Firefly course Deeper Waters got me back on track with my writing, gave me feedback I could use (delivered with insight, caring and compassion,) and supported my desire to write some hard stories. The group was skilfully facilitated to ensure personal safety, flourishing creativity, and more writing. Although writing is generally a solitary pursuit, having a supportive group filled with individuals who are similarly diving deep, and committing and recommitting to their own writing is invaluable encouragement. And, just as importantly- it was fun!

Oriah “Mountain Dreamer” House
Author of The Invitation