Open Mic Night


Our next Open Mic will be this fall.

The Firefly Open Mic Night is a warm and inspiring place for our community, friends, neighbours on the Danforth any anyone else to come together, connect and celebrate each other’s writing voices.

We don’t do Open Mic’s in the summer because our AC can’t keep up with a packed studio on a hot night, so our next one will be in the fall, date TBA.

We’ll take names at the door of up to 10 readers so come early if you want to read and keep your piece under 800 words. If you don’t want to read, still come! We want a room full of open hearts and clapping hands.

We’ll open the door at 7, and start the readings at 7:30. Two MCs from the Firefly team will walk us through an evening of beautiful words, full-hearted laughter, and big applause. We’ll take a break part-way through and wrap up between 9:15-9:30.

Never performed? Perfect! We’re nervous too. Awkwardness is beautiful. If you’re a veteran of the stage, you are also very welcome.

This evening will be perfect for you if:

  • You’re delighted (and slightly terrified by) the idea of reading your work in front of a crowd…. Or you just want to listen and support.

  • You want to slide out of your day-to-day to connect with other people who love words.

  • You love the idea of celebrating new voices, especially the shaky, tentative ones.

  • You’re curious about our studio and want to spend some quality time inside its walls connecting with neighbours and Fireflies.

  • You don’t need a lot of leg room to have a great time.

This won’t be a great night for you if:

  • You want to share a piece that’s longer than 800 words.

  • You’ll be heartbroken if you can’t get your name on the list. (Signups will be first-come-first-served and we won’t be reserving any slots in advance.)

  • You’re looking for feedback on your work. (Check out our workshops or our coaching packages for that.)

  • You don’t identify with the heading: “Nicest people in Toronto.”

  • You need to have a gin and tonic in your hand to have fun.

  • You don’t have a sitter. (Since we can’t control the content being shared, we don’t recommend it for kids.)

All the details:

We’ll be at our beautiful studio, 1898 Danforth Ave, unit 2. It’s fully wheelchair accessible and a short stroll from the Woodbine subway station.

We’ll be collecting $10 at the door will support our scholarship fund, helping underserved writers access our beautiful programming. If that’s too steep, we’ll gladly make an exception. If you can kick in a little more, our scholarship-ees will thank you!

We always seem to have the perfect number of people, but we may have more this time. Come early to grab a seat or beanbag. If we do overfill, we’ll need to close the doors.

See you this fall!