Attention, generosity and Firefly winter programming


Hello Sweet Community!

I found this quote by Simone Weil the other day:

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”

I thought yes. Thank you.

I’ve been trying to put my finger on the essence of Firefly. What IS it that we do, when everything else is pulled away? What’s the white heat at the base of the flame?

I think this may be it — attention.

  • We want to create workshops that let people pay attention to each other in ways we often don’t.

  • We want to create spaces where writing can let us pay attention to ourselves, especially in our quietest and most tentative places.

  • We want to create a community that invites us receive that attention, to grow with it, and to let our voices root down and reach up.

I tell you this partly just to remind you, right now, that your attention is like the sun — it lets things grow. You decide where to shine that light. You decide what to tune out and turn up. You decide what to turn your gaze on. (And for the record, it’s totally cool with me if your attention is going towards Netflix or online shopping. This is not about judgment, it’s about choice.)

I also tell you this as preamble to say that some lovely things have opened for applications or registrations today. Our 3-night winter retreat, Winterfire, there’s our 12-week deep dive winter writing workshop Deeper Waters, and there’s our Writer In Residence program for 2020.

I also just popped a beautiful new poem up on the site.

If you’re curious about Simone Weil, she was a French writer, anarchist, mystic. Albert Camus called her ,"The only great spirit of our times.” She passed away far too early. Her life warrants a lot of attention.

Here’s to all the things that will grow in the light of your attention.

Heart & more heart,

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Chris Fraser