Boxes Ticked, Breath Held, Today's the Day


You guys it’s ready!

I feel like a kindergarten kid holding up a handmade tissue paper collage above my head. “It’s DONE! It’s HERE! It’s for YOU!”

Today marks the launch of Hello Writer, our brand new, nothing-like-it subscription service for people who want to reconnect to the joy of writing. Every month it will deliver thick, colourful envelopes across the globe, stuffed with writing projects, writing guidance, a curated list of upcoming contests, chances to connect with other writers, and treats.

I’m writing this from bed, still in PJ’s, smiling and squinting. Yesterday I got home from annual Hearts on Fire retreat on Georgian Bay — an explosion of gorgeousness and abundance and grace. I spent all my quiet moments tweaking this launch. And here I am, dizzy and happy and ready to hit “send”.

I won’t say more, because A) I’m flippin’ exhausted and B) it’s all behind this link — a whole new website to hold this program in all it’s sweetness.

Enrollment starts today. Like, right now. Check it out.

Chris Fraser