Chris Fraser

Firefly Founder & Writing Coach


Chris is a strong but gentle leader with clients, classes and Firefly as a whole.

She started Firefly after completing a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and Community Development at the University of Toronto, where she studied the ways that creativity can be a force for community cohesion and personal change. During that time Chris turned writing workshops into an obsession, writing papers on them, attending dozens of them, and interviewing everyone she could find who had any experience of leading or participating in them. When she was done, she printed off a stack of colourful hand-made flyers, bought a case of thumb tacks and set out to spread the word. She’s amazed every day at the vibrant community those small seeds grew into.

One of the things Chris loves about writing is seeing how written words can often reach to more authentic, raw and unexpected places than spoken words. She encourages writers to clear away their emotional blocks and write from the true heart of their stories. Her own writing revolves around themes of commitment, family, and the strange ways that loves works on us all.

Known for her generosity, optimism and hard work, Chris has poured her life into Firefly. She is always brainstorming new ways to bring people together and how to make the world a little softer and kinder. As everyone who has been in one of her workshops knows, she adores this work, and everyone who shows up to do it.

A perfect Saturday would include milky tea in bed, a drive on Southern Ontario back roads, dark chocolate, fresh air and cuddles with her partner Ian and their sweet rescue mutt, Marshall.

What clients are saying…


Chris is a very skilled facilitator who excels at creating warm spaces enabling new and experienced writers to pen hidden gems lurking in our hearts and bones. I’ve learned a lot about writing but also about joy, vulnerability, healing. Thank you doesn’t express the depth of my gratitude.

Jenn Paterson


I just got your feedback on my writing and I want to throw my arms around you and give you a big hug and a smooch! You truly have found your calling and you are my guiding star. Your input and these writing exercises are a major highlight in my life right now.

Geo Morrow
CEO, Hugzz


Chris is the best teacher/inspirer/guide I’ve ever met.

Josie Elfassy
Co-Founder, Snapshot Magnets