Lift Off: A Poetry Workshop

Poetry Workshop: Lift Off


If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know it is poetry.

~ Emily Dickinson

This is a short and highly productive class for anyone who wants to dive into that mysterious ocean called “poetry”. It’s especially designed for folks who are scared of the idea of poetry, who don’t think they “get” it, or who feel as if it’s a party they weren’t invited to. We’ll tear down the walls on what we think a poem is, and we’ll create, create, create, create.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll meet in person once a week for six weeks. Each week we’ll look at a different “function” of poetry (to delight, to create pause, to make a political statement, etc.) We’ll revel in some of the ways other poets have filled this function and we’ll take what we love into our own work. There will be lots of room for experimentation, laughter, tears and nonsense. There will also be homework, so come prepared to work between sessions.

This workshop is ideal for people who:

~ Are curious, but not totally convinced that poetry has a place for them.
~ Struggle to make time for creativity in the bustle of daily life.
~ Love the idea of a weekly creative date with a small group of others.
~ Feel ready (though maybe a little scared) to share their writing.
~ Enjoy experimentation.
~ Are interested in exploring their own lives as writing material and sharing some of what comes up. (We tend to get a little personal.)

You can expect to leave the workshop with:

~ Lots poems written by YOU!
~ New favourite poets, both from out in the world, and from around the workshop table.
~ A renewed sense of your writing voice and your unique gifts as a writer.
~ New friends who are on the same path.
~ A feeling of creative playfulness and possibility.
~ Creative courage.

This workshop won’t give you:

~ Critique or competition. We’re all about the love.
~ Strict rules on “how to write poems”. We’ll work on developing your writing skills but we don’t subscribe to the idea that there’s one way to create powerful work.
~ Pressure to write things you don’t want to write. We go where the joy is.
~ A lot of instruction on poetry “forms”. We’ll play with some forms like vilanelles and haiku, but the focus of this workshop is on the spirit of poetry, not the rules.


6 Thursday mornings,  10 – 12:45pm
May 3 – June 7
At the Firefly Studio with Chris


The total fee for the 6-week session is $450. When you sign up you’ll be asked for a $200 deposit to confirm your spot. The balance will be due two weeks before class starts.

You also have the option of breaking your balance into four monthly credit card payments of $62.50. There’s no extra fee for this service; we just like being able to offer it.

Ready to leap?

Registration for Spring sessions will February 27, 2018


Here’s a link to the Q & A for all Firefly Toronto classes. If you still don’t have the answer you’re looking for, drop us a line. We’re super-friendly.

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