Welcome to Firefly

Welcome to Firefly.

We offer snug and loving creative writing workshops, coaching and retreats online and in Toronto, Ontario. Explore our site through the menu above, , or get to know us with this 3-minute video.

If you’re struggling to make writing into a bigger part of your life, you’ve come to the right place.

We get that struggle, and we love finding ways around it. To get started, check out our writing prompt videos. Once you’re hooked, check out the writing workshops and writing retreats have going on in or near Toronto. If you know you’re ready to dive in deep, our creative writing coaches are waiting to hear from you.

Whatever you do — keep writing. One word and sentence and story at a time, we can build a whole new world for ourselves.

Believing in you already,
~ Chris, Bree, Danette, Britt, Saroo, Jenna and Ailsa

Can We Keep In Touch?

Can We Keep In Touch?

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