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The Life Stories Workshop (formerly Monthly Memoirs)


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Do you have a heart full of stories?

This class is for folks who want to escape the grind, nourish their creative souls, and write some of their amazing life stories. We’ll use short writing exercises, supportive feedback, and lots of sharing to shake away our blocks, find our writing voices, and record our lives. And of course we’ll laugh, support each other, and eat delicious snacks all the way along.

Here’s how it works:

This class has two main tools, memoir writing workbooks and meetings weekly. Our workbooks are 25-ish page booklets with a theme to write about, a smattering of ideas about how to start, and a writing tip that you can take or leave. You’ll receive one at the end of each class, and then you’ll have the time in-between classes to scribble your heart out, before bringing in your work to share it for warm and supportive feedback and conversation.

This class is ideal for people who:

~ Want to write about their lives but aren’t sure where to begin.
~ Want to integrate writing more deeply into their lives. (Unlike in “Keep Your Pen Moving”, most of your writing for this class happens at home.)
~ Love the idea of a set of creative dates with themselves.
~ Are motivated by the idea of sharing their writing in a small, supportive group.
~ Loved our “Monthly Memoirs” class and are excited about the new workbooks packs we’ve been creating.

You can expect to walk away with: 

~ One finished story per class, with more pieces started.
~ Writing tools and practices to carry you forward.
~ Writing tricks and warmups you can use anytime.
~ Countless ideas about where your writing might go next.
~ A clear sense of the story you want to write and the voice you want to write it in.
~ Creative momentum.

This class won’t be a perfect fit for people who:

~ Don’t want to share their writing with others.
~ Have already sketched out a manuscript and want to remain very focused on that one project.
~ Think their writing needs a harshly critical environment in order to thrive.



6 Tuesday evenings, 7pm – 9:45pm
June 27 – August 1
In The Junction with Danette
Cost: $375 plus $25 materials fee


The total fee for the 6-session class is $375, plus a $25 materials fee. When you sign up you’ll be asked for a $200 deposit to confirm your spot. The balance will be due two weeks before class starts. You’ll also have the option of breaking your balance into four monthly credit card payments of $50.

There’s no extra fee for this service; we just like being able to offer it. To see our financial policies, click here.


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Click here to read the Q & A about Toronto classes. If you’re still unsure, drop the lovely Bree a line and she’ll very happily answer all your questions.

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What people are saying:

After taking this class, I had the courage to finally tackle a task I had long held in my heart – writing a memoir about a difficult time in my life. I left each class feeling optimistic, excited and encouraged about my writing. It was a gift to feel safe enough to take some risks and grow as a writer with the caring support of my facilitator and the community of women around the writing table.
~ Evelyn Steinberg
Writer, Editor, Career Coach, Retired Principal

Writing was such an important part of my identity, but somehow it got lost in the fray of life. As the years passed, I started to notice that I didn’t just give up a potential career – I gave up my best coping mechanism. When I realized that I wanted to bring it back into my life, I got in touch with Firefly. I took the Memoirs class and over time, with great advice and inspiration, I started to write, and then I started to understand. Writing came back into my life as a tool for healing, and knowing. I’m so, so glad it’s back.
~ Emmanuelle Pantin
Co-Director, Community Story Strategies

This class was the best birthday gift I’ve ever given myself.  I’ve thought about writing for decades and always managed to find reasons not to do it.  Having this structure in place and Britt as a leader was just the push  I needed.  Britt is warm, encouraging and so smart.  Before I took this class, I only thought about writing; now I sit down and do it.

Sarah Wilson
Theatre Artist

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