Writing Coaching

Writing Coaching

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New Sprouts

A coaching program for the moment when your ideas just won’t stay hidden anymore.

For years you’ve had that feeling that it’s time to write. There’s a calling buried just under the surface of everyday life. You can almost taste how good it will feel to write. So why does it all feel so overwhelming? It seems simple just to sit down and do it, but for some reason, it’s not.

We’ve been there, and we know the complex mash-up of fears and resistances that stand in the way of getting projects started, especially if we haven’t written in a long time. We also know how good it feels to push them aside and just… start. This program is designed to give new writers loads and loads of structure, support and gentle self-reflection to entice those stories out on the page, where they belong.

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The Messy Middle

A coaching program for the moment when a project is stretching out too far to see.

You’ve been traveling into this project for a long time, but your legs are getting sore. Some days you’re not sure if you’ll ever make it to the far side. You had no idea this would take so long, or get so muddled. We know the feeling. We’ve been there. We can help.

Too many writing projects get stalled when they hit the chaos of the middle, but we believe that this stage is one of the most exciting, creative and full of potential. If we can stay close to the current of our work through those moments, everything gets easier. This program will provide the tools, vision and guidance that overwhelmed writers need to embrace that vitality and push through until the glorious end is in sight.

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Home Stretch, Baby!

A coaching program for the final, exhausting, wonderful push.

It’s time to get this thing finished. Right? Fini, terminado, Good Bye, don’t cry, I’m off to the next writing adventure. But you also want to do it well. You’ve worked so hard, this isn’t the time to rush.

Anne Lamott says that finishing a manuscript is like putting an octopus to bed. Just when you think it’s down, another tentacle pops up. This stage of creation requires patience, fortitude and humour, yet it comes when we’re at our most worn out. It’s a perfect time to call in some backup. That’s what this program is for.

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A lighter alternative to coaching, delivered through snail mail.

Susan Kennedy once wrote, “Writing thrives on solitude, not isolation.” We completely agree. Sometimes we just need a little porch light on down the road, a place to drop by, swing our bags down to the floor, eat a sandwich. A familiar voice saying, “Hey, I’m listening, how’s it going in there?”

That’s what Touchstone is for. This is a personalized journey, designed as a lighter alternative to coaching for people who love paper and could use a little company on the complicated, often-confusing journey of being a person who writes.

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