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Firefly Scholarship Donations


Can we start by saying thank you for being here?

One of our deepest values here at Firefly is openness. We want to live in a world where anyone who craves support in their writing lives receives it without barriers. That’s why we offer workshops in as many areas as we can. That’s why we’re so conscious of having diversity in our team and people we hire. That’s why we looked for months and months for a studio that was wheelchair accessible.

But the money part is tough to do alone. We’re a tiny business with a ton of overhead. When barriers are financial, we need a little help to take them down.

Every little bit counts. We’ll take whatever you can contribute! This winter we have met our goal of raising $1,000 for ten $100 scholarships. Now we’re hoping to reach $2,000 so that we can offer more, and carry them over into the spring and summer.

Each season at least three of these scholarships will be awarded to people of colour, including black and Indigenous people.

If you pitch in $100 or more, or you’re able to offer a monthly or seasonal contribution, we’ll send you a big package of Firefly treats in the mail.

Thank you for being part of that and for helping us build the world we want to live in here in our little studio.

With deep gratitude,


Option #1: Make a one-time donation

Option #2: Set up a monthly or seasonal donation.

Option #3: Create a Scholarship

Is there a person who you’d like to create a scholarship to honour? Or is there a specific group you want to support? By creating your own scholarship you can name it and, if you like, specify who it will go to, for example LGBTTQ+ youth or people who identify as black, or women living on fixed incomes. These scholarships are minimum $200.

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Can We Keep In Touch?

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