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Creative Writing Coaching Package: I Thought This Would Be Done By Now

A three-month creative writing coaching package for people who are stuck in the middle of a big writing project.

You’ve written tons, but your engine is starting to sputter. Sometimes you’re not sure if you’ll ever make it over this hill to see what’s on the other side. You know there are other things you want to write, but you can’t get to them until you finish this one. We know the feeling. We’ve been there. We can help.

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Creative Writing Coaching Package: It’s Time to Start the Big One

A three-month creative writing coaching package for people who are on the cusp of something huge.

You have a huge idea, but you can’t seem to get started. It feels exciting, but also terrifying. It’s like standing beside a beautiful, mythic horse. You want to climb on and take the ride even though you’re not sure what it will demand of you, but you’re frozen in place. This is a package for people who are ready to take a deep breath and begin.

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Memoir Writing Coaching Package: My Life is Full of Stories

A seven-month memoir writing coaching package for people with stories to tell and no idea where to begin.

This is a luxurious, seven-month memoir-writing package for people whose lives are bursting with stories, but who aren’t sure how to tell them. Life stories are complex, personal and sometimes messy. Getting started can be overwhelming. But, it doesn’t need to be. This package will provide the guidance, structure and kindness to move seven beautiful stories out onto the page.

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Creative Writing Coaching Package: Who Am I, Again?

A three-month creative writing coaching package for people who are ready to open the big, messy closet of their creativity to see what treasures are in there.

Do you remember the last time you loved writing? Do you remember how words and stories used to bring you to the door of your heart, your power and your sense of self? This package for people who haven’t felt like that in a long time, but want to get back there.

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Manuscript Services

Loving editing services for creative work.

Firefly’s coaches have a knack for getting to the heart of what your writing needs, in a way that’s loving, honest and uncomplicated. In Manuscript Services we’ll dive into your finished (or half-finished) work to help you understand what’s powerful, what’s beautiful, and what still needs attention. Through notes and conversations we’ll help you bring your beloved project to its strongest possible self. When it’s as far as we can take it creatively, our in-house copy editor can polish your words to a shine.

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