The Firefly Writer in Residence Program


The Firefly Writing In Residence Program

The Firefly Writer in Residence program is a beautiful, reciprocal exchange. For us, it’s an opportunity to support up-and-coming writers and to broaden and deepen our work at the studio. For our Writers In Residence, it’s a chance to find a place to write, connections to community and support in their process. Each year we invite 3-4 fierce, hardworking, and enthusiastic writers who want to become part of the fabric of our studio and contribute to this beautiful thing we call Firefly.

What we’ll provide:

  • Loads of time in our beautiful studio to write during your season. Whenever it’s not being used, you can come, write, drink tea and enjoy an internet-free space all to yourself.

  • A session with one of the writing coaches on the Firefly team to get your season of writing started.

  • Access to our gorgeous library of books.

  • Promotion through our channels. If you have books to sell, events to promote, questions to ask, we’ll help you spread the word among our beautiful community. (If you don’t know it yet — Firefly has the best people.)

  • A subscription to our mail-based writerly support program, Hello Writer, for the season when you’re “in residence”.

  • A $200 honorarium.

  • Stupendous resume material.

  • So many warm feelings.

What we’ll ask for:

Each Writer will be “in residence” for three months, in either March-May or Sept-Dec. During that time we’ll ask for one “point of engagement” to help us broaden our scope and reach in a way that only you know how. This might be a one-off workshop in an area we’re not currently covering, such as the Afrofuturism workshop led by Writer In Residence Fiona Raye Clarke in 2018 or the “Writing Animals” workshop led by Nadja Lubiw-Hazard in 2019. It may be a reading that you curate and host, such as the “Emerging Muslim Voices” reading organized by Writer In Residence Amanda Ghazale Aziz in 2018 or “So Fresh — A Scarborough Reading” organized by Natasha Ramoutar in 2019. It may be a manuscript review for a lucky Firefly community member. It may be a publication you create. Bring your creative ideas, we want to hear them. In the application we’ll ask you to make us a proposal — what do you know that we don’t? How can you bring that to help us serve and broaden our community?

We’re open to published and unpublished writers of all genres, approaches and stripes who live in or near Toronto. (We love you non-Toronto peeps, but we’re not sure how to make this program work for you.) If you think “This probably isn’t for me,” think further.

What has this program produced?

Here are some past highlights:

  • A reading of emerging Muslim writers with Writer In Residence Amanda Ghazale Aziz. Click here for details

  • Manuscript review with Writer In Residence Simone Makeba Dalton. Click here for details.

  • A workshop on Afrofuturistic writing with Writer In Residence Fiona Raye Clarke. Click here for details.

  • “So Fresh”, a reading celebrating writers who hail from Scarborough with Writer In Residence Natasha Ramoutar. Click here for details.

  • “Speak on It”, a workshop for young writers who want to talk about their work with Writer In Residence Adom Acheampong. Click here for details.

  • “Writing Animals”, a workshop on writing about animals with Writer In Residence Nadja Lubiw-Hazard. Click here for details.

  • “Short and Sweet”, manuscript reviews with publishing advice on short fiction by three community members with Writer In Residence Anna Cavouras. Click here for details.

Meet the current writers and see what they’re up to!

See our 2019 Writers In Residence here.

Want to be a Firefly Writer In Residence?

Applications are open until Nov 1!
Click here to apply.