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It can be really hard to write at home…

Here’s a sweet list of facts: We have a beautiful writing studio. You have a longing to write in a focused, intentional space. We love the sound of keyboards tapping and pens scribbling. You have words to tap and scribble. Introducing Studio Membership!

Here’s how it works:

On Friday afternoons, our studio opens for 3.5 hours a week of silent, internet-free writing time.

Now of course writing isn’t just about putting words on a page — you’re also welcome to browse our library, nap on a bean bag chair, go for walks, check out the park across the street, stare out the window and so on. A writing coach or designated community member will be there to open the space, light the candles, make the tea and quietly keep an eye on things while doing their own writing. We’ll end with 15-ish minutes of chatty time to discuss what’s happening with our work, swap tips on great local coffee, and remember that we’re part of a great, big, beautiful community. (If you’re feeling quiet, you’re welcome to slip out before that, in fact the whole thing is drop-in so you can come and go as you like.)

This program is ideal for people who:

  • Have a project on the go, or an idea for one.

  • Don’t need a lot of direction or instruction, just need space.

  • Love the idea of a chunk of time away from the tug of phone notifications or to-do lists.

  • Struggle to write in the hubbub of everyday life.

  • Love the idea of a weekly creative date with themselves.

  • Crave the sanctuary of silence.

This program won’t give you:

  • Feedback or critique. We’re just writing.

  • Dedicated time with a writing coach. We’re just writing.

  • Prompts, direction or instructions. We’re just writing.

  • Internet access. We’re just writing. We also don’t have internet at the studio! What a miracle! This is part of the magic, we swear.


This winter we started a rolling membership program. Minimum commitment is three months, and you can stop anytime after that. We’ll break silence 15-ish minutes before the end for an informal check-in to discuss how our writing is going.

When we meet: Friday afternoons 1:30-5:00pm


$49 +HST per month.
To see our financial and cancellation policies, click here.

Ready to take the leap?

Our studio membership is currently full.


Our studio membership FAQ is right here.

Looking for more options?

Take a peek at our other in-house workshops, our coaching services or our monthly writers care package.

What people are saying:

Dancer-Pose circle.png

After twelve years of practice I know that meditating is easier in groups and in meditation halls than it is alone and at home. Something about the act of doing something solitary together, in a place that was built to hold silence, lends courage and power to the act of meditation.

It’s the same case with yoga – though no one can do your downward dogs or hold your one legged poses for you, there’s comfort and grace in working together.

I think it’s exactly the same case with studio time. Working with others through a period of silence in a place dedicated for words makes writing easier by making it important. By giving writing the same dignity as meditation or yoga, studio time turns writing into something shared and as worthwhile as any practice of awareness and discovery.



I never thought quiet time to write would be so productive! I get SO much done at Firefly’s Quiet Writing Time. I always tried to set aside a few hours at home to work but ended up distracted by my partner, or our bunnies, or the looming pile of dishes… at Firefly, I can focus fully on my project in a beautiful, peaceful space with other like-minded writers, delicious tea, and a whole library of resources & inspiration. The three hours always fly by, and I leave the studio with a spring in my step, knowing that I’ve made awesome progress!

Shannon Litt
Videographer, Writer