Speak On It

An evening of thoughtful discussion for writers aged 16-29


Are you a young person (16-29) who is looking to have real, authentic conversations about your writing?

Have you written, or are you currently writing, something that you’d love to talk about? Well, this is your chance to speak on it! Writing can get a little lonely, and the best thing we can do is talk about what we’re working on. The trouble can be finding the right people to talk to.

Join Firefly Writer in Residence Adom Acheampong for this evening of community and connection, a chance to share your work with a group of like-minded individuals who are invested in listening close, answering your questions and talking it out. There is power in your writing, and in your voice, so come speak on it!

Here’s how it works…

This workshop is open to up to 7 participants. Each person will submit a piece, up to 1,500 words, to Adom at least three weeks before the event. Two weeks before, she’ll send each participant a package of work to read. Please only sign-up if you’re able to read up to 9,000 words (6 short pieces of writing) in those two weeks. Participants will also receive a list of questions they might want to ask, but are welcome to come up with their own, unique questions as well. Participants will have the opportunity to pose two questions to the group to discuss in detail, for up to 15 minutes.

Not sure what questions you’d like to ask about your work? No worries! Adom will circulate a list of questions and prompts in advance of the workshop to help spark your curiosity.

Adom will lead the group through an in depth and helpful conversation about each piece. This isn’t an open field day for critique, instead it’s a focused look at the work and the questions the writer holds.

The workshop is ideal for people who:

  • Have work on the go and crave conversation about it.

  • Are excited (though maybe a little nervous) to send 1500 words of work to a group of strangers.

  • Have time to read six people’s work, up to 1500 words each, before the event.

  • Understand that writing thrives in supportive, encouraging environments.

  • Love creative connection, conversation and chemistry.

You can expect to leave this workshop with:

  • New creative allies.

  • A renewed energy for your work and the possibilities it holds.

  • Clarity and answers on the questions you have brought, and questions you also never thought to bring.

  • The pure exhilaration of sharing creative work with a group of strangers.


Monday, June 10th, 7-9:30pm
This workshop is open to 7 participants under the ages 16-29.
The fee is sliding scale, with suggested donations of $5-$20.
All funds go towards the Firefly scholarship fund, helping to make our programming accessible to a wider audience

This workshop is now full.