Pleasure and the Pen


So you want to have a delicious affair with your writing this summer…

In this four-week writing workshop you’ll be invited to flirt with words and stories and imagery that make your toes (or someone else’s toes) curl. You get to decide what is erotic for you, and find the words to express it in your own way — which may or may not include explicit language you don’t dare use in your everyday life. Whether you already have sexy ideas you’ve been longing to put into words, or you simply want to explore the art of sensual sexy prose, Pleasure and the Pen will meet you where you’re at, and will enhance the sensuality of all your writing.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll meet in person once a week for four sessions at the Firefly Studio on the Danforth. We’ll nervously giggle while we warm up our pens, and then we’ll wade in with playful prompts and guided exercises to help you find your erotic voice and material. Together over the four weeks we will slowly seduce our own stories to come out and play on the page. We will explore our senses, unusual sources of pleasure and how to write about desire. We will write — and yes, share — our saucy tales in a supportive and sex positive environment, with tea and treats. This is an extremely LGBTTIQ friendly space, and open to people of all genders.

This class is ideal for people who:

  • Have been longing to take a risk with erotic writing but don’t quite know how to start.

  • Are looking for a safe place to creatively explore sensual and erotic content.

  • Have dabbled in erotic writing before and crave the weekly commitment to continue.

  • Have been meaning to start writing that super hot memoir about you-know-who but need some 
help warming up and finding their erotica writing voices.

  • Thrive in small, cozy groups (this class will never have more than 7 participants)

  • Simply wish to play on the page with sexy gorgeous words.

You can expect to walk away with:

  • Stimulating story-starting prompts.

  • A bunch of new writing

  • Awakened senses.

  • New friends on the same path.

  • A refresh of your creative courage.

This workshop won’t give you:

  • Critique or competition. We’re all about the love.

  • A step-by-step formula or narrow idea of what sexy is.

  • A complete polished erotica novel to send to your editor.


The total fee for the in-house class is $350. When you sign up you’ll be asked for a $200 deposit to confirm your spot, thebalance will be due a week later. You will also have the option of breaking your balance into two credit card payments of $75.00. There’s no extra fee for this service; we just like being able to offer it. To see our financial and cancellation policies, click here.

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