Workshops for Organizations


Looking for a way to bring greater connection, wellness and joy to your workplace?

Building healthy and thriving workplace communities can be challenging. The pace of change in the modern workplace can make it feel impossible to pause and make space for creativity, connection, and community.

But, according to abundant research, making that time and space can have significant returns on investments. Focusing on employees’ health and well being isn’t just beneficial on an individual level, it grows strong communication, increases loyalty and helps whole organizations to thrive.

With over fourteen years of experience coaching and facilitating beginner writers, Firefly Creative Writing crafted a suite of workshops that use creative writing to help employees tap into their deep wells of creative potential, and to approach each other with honesty, kindness, and humour. Our work is based on research (and our own extensive experience) that shows that the creative arts can quickly reconnect people to their wellness and passion, as well as the people around them.

We specialize in helping people who don’t identify as writers access their inner authors, and to express themselves freely. Over 3,000 people have come through our doors, unsure if they can write and left feeling certain that they can.

Our workshops are ideal for organizations that:

  • Are passionate about their employees growth and wellness

  • Are ready to take a creative approach to tackling workplace highs and lows

  • Are looking to improve communication within their organizational culture

  • Are in the middle of planning their next team building event or corporate retreat

  • Are aware that their teams are losing focus and energy, and want to rekindle their fire

Not sure if our workshops are the right fit for your organization? Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can work together.

What people are saying:


The creative writing workshop that Firefly carefully curated at our AGM this year was incredible. The simple, yet revealing exercises were compelling and extracted the most amazing prose from each individual. It was a surprise to discover how “easy” it was to excavate our inner authors and it was an added bonus to discover even more hidden gems about our own personal stories. Beautiful accounts appeared that brought forward memories and poignancy that we weren’t conscious of prior to our session. Professionally facilitated, this is an excellent workshop for any corporation wanting to offer employees an opportunity to discover and express their own inner writers and themselves.

Deb Niven
Co-President, The Wynford Group



I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we hired Firefly, but I was willing to give it a try. I can honestly say that Firefly’s writing workshops brought our group so much closer together than I could have imagined. The sessions were thoughtfully and professionally prepared and the instructor brought joy, enthusiasm and inspiration to the creative process. The Firefly team was agile, willing to adapt to the group’s needs and interests on a dime. I am so glad we decided to incorporate Firefly into our community. Their work is second to none and the outcomes in terms of building teamwork and mutual respect among my group were astounding. It was exactly what we needed.

Jodi Lastman
Manager, Communications & Partnerships, Hospitality Workers Training Centre



Writing for Wellness

A workshop for employees to pause, reflect and renew.

This gentle and deep-reaching workshop will help employees find their way from exhaustion to well being. Using short, fun guided writes, we’ll connect to the parts of ourselves that are depleted, and we’ll explore what we need to build back up. Through the catharsis of the writing process and the power of being witnessed without judgment, participants will step back and see their depletion through new eyes, and shift towards their strength and power.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for laughter and connection, building trust and understanding between team members. We’ll end the workshop by creating personalized strategies for turning ourselves back towards our full potential.

Available as a 2-hour, half-day or full-day workshop, or as part of a series. Available for groups of 6-60 participants. Contact us for rates and scheduling.



Writing Our Way Back to our Calling

A workshop for mission-based organizations to recharge and reconnect to their purpose.

These days there’s no scarcity of things to protest, worry about, lobby and work to change. Organizations who are working in the heart of global issues are especially crucial, and especially strained. When we’re in the eye of the hurricane, it’s natural, over time, for our energy to wane.

This workshop uses writing as a tool to help teams reconnect to their sense of calling and purpose. Using short, guided writes, honest expression and loads of encouragement, we’ll slow down, reconnect to the voices, tell the story of who we are in this work, and remember the heart of what we’re fighting for. We’ll make room to express the hard stuff, but we’ll also spend lots of time growing hope, momentum, connection and the nourishment we need to keep going, day to day.

Available as a 2-hour, half-day or full-day workshop, or as part of a series. Available for groups of 6-60 participants. Contact us for rates and scheduling



Writing From the Bedside

A workshop for healthcare professionals to share stories,cultivate resilience and connect to one another.

The privilege of being let into the lives of patients and clients when they are at their most vulnerable is a complicated gift. Healthcare professionals are always navigating the delicate line between their roles as professionals and their own personhood. This gives rise to all kinds of things – exhilaration, empathy, exhaustion and of course… many, many stories.

This workshop is designed as a safe space for healthcare professionals to experience the catharsis and relief of writing and sharing stories of their work in a safe, facilitated space. Writing becomes a tool for building personal resilience, connecting to colleagues and sourcing the much-needed hope and energy to move on. As a group, we’ll work together to explore how writing can be a tool for articulating the complexities of our work, expressing the pain, the joy, and the unique experiences that we encounter every day.

This workshop is taught by writer, facilitator and physician Saroo Sharda.

Available as a 2-hour, half-day or full-day workshop, or as part of a series. Available for groups of 6-60 participants. Contact us for rates and scheduling.



These workshops can be delivered in our writing studio at 1898 Danforth Ave or anywhere in Southern Ontario. They will be facilitated by professional writing coaches on the Firefly team. In order to allow for lots of sharing, larger groups will have multiple facilitators. Groups of 6-60 participants can be accommodated.

Each workshop can be delivered as 2-hour, half-day or full-day workshops, or (for very forward-looking managers) as part of a weekly or monthly series. Contact us for rates and scheduling.