Bree St. Arnault

The one who holds this all together…


Bree St. Arnault is our office manager, detail wrangler, and get-it-done-er extraordinaire. She oversees all the bits and pieces here at Firefly and keeps us all rolling along smoothly while answering emails, coordinating mailings, updating the website, and keeping a watchful eye on our often overzealous plan making. She has that beautiful combination of a whip-smart mind and a great big heart.

She’s also the mama of two brilliant daughters, partner of a creative powerhouse of a husband, organizer of “Amazing Race” parties and in her spare time she runs her own personal organizing biz, Well Placed.

Last but not least to anyone who has come to our classes, she is usually the one responsible for the mouth-watering and somehow vegan and gluten-free baked goods we serve.

A perfect Saturday for Bree would be an early morning walk with her dog Cosmo through High Park with a latte in one hand and her hubby’s warm hand in the other. She’d bake fresh cookies for her girls to enjoy while they all play euchre together. She’d enjoy sitting out on the front porch to visit & laugh with neighbours, then top it off with long soak in the hot tub gazing at the stars.