Non-Fiction Manuscript Review

With Writer In Residence Simone Makeba Dalton


Struggling to find time to work on your project?

This fall Writer In Residence Simone Makeba Dalton will be offering manuscript reviews of non-fiction work for two lucky writers in the Firefly community who are struggling to find balance between paid work and writing. Simone recently defended her MFA thesis in creative writing, a book-length manuscript. Here’s how she describes it:

Part memoir, part meditation, What Remains is an investigation of a collection of memories, events, letters that remain after my mother’s sudden death. My once absent father is also among the remains. In a non-linear structure, this work of creative non-fiction apprehends themes of grief, sense of belonging and place, race, class, and inherited histories.

Beautiful, right?

She’s also had her writing published in The Unpublished City edited by Dionne Brand, and the forthcoming Black Writing Matters, published by Whitney French.

Simone will do a deep and thoughtful read of up to 20,000 words of each person’s work, providing written feedback and a one-hour conversation at the studio or through Skype to explore and unpack the writer’s questions about the work, including directions for future growth. In typical Firefly fashion, while the feedback will be constructive and useful, there will also be plenty of focus on what’s already working beautifully.

All forms of non-fiction are welcome — memoir, lyric essays, fictionalized history, etc.

As part of Firefly’s Writer In Residence program, there is no fee for this offering, but donations to our scholarship fund (providing opportunities for lower-income writers to access our services) are always welcome.

Applications are now closed.

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