Short ‘n Sweet Manuscript Review

With Writer In Residence Anna Cavouras

Anna Cavouras, Firefly Writer In Residence 2019.png

Longing to feel ready to send a piece of writing into the world?

This fall writer-in-residence Anna Cavouras is offering manuscript reviews for three Firefly community members (if you’re reading this, that’s you) with short pieces they want to send out in to the world of literary magazines and contests. This is geared toward first-time submitters, especially those with a few butterflies about letting their work loose.

In the process of finishing her second draft of her novel, Anna fell in love with the shorter forms of writing. She is the assistant fiction editor for Alt-Minds Literary Magazine of Mental Health and brings her insight both as a reader, editor and writer to share.

Anna will be offering:

  • Encouraging and thoughtful feedback on story construction and flow

  • Publishing — an overview of details to get it ready for editors. Think grammar basics, formatting style, final details.

  • A list of suggestions on where to send your piece that are specially chosen for your story and voice.

  • Ideas on rejection! Rejection is part of it. Anna will offer insights and encouragement from the perspective of an editor and someone who has a stack of rejection letters of her own.

Anna will choose three writers to work with who represent a diversity of styles, and whom she feels she can have an impact. She’ll take a couple weeks to read the piece, then send written feedback and schedule a one-hour meeting either at the studio or over Skype to discuss all the details and explore the story from the perspective of an editor, reader and writer.

Short pieces of any type are welcome — fiction, non-fiction, and personal essays up to 5000 words. Writers should be open to the idea of shortening their piece and know that a few words, or sentences, or paragraphs, or pages might end up waiting for another piece.

This service is officially free of charge, but the writers who work with Anna will be encouraged to make a donation of any amount to the Firefly scholarship fund, helping to make our programming available to people with limited incomes.

Applications are closed.

To learn more about our Writer In Residence program, click here.