Loretto Rooms

Sabrina Ward Harrison Cabin.JPG

The Anne Michaels Cabin

Rustic, private cabin by the lake. Small bathroom attached.

Richard Wagamese Cabin.JPG

The Richard Wagamese Cabin

Small, old-school private cabin. Small bathroom attached.


The Nayyirah Waheed Cabin

Small, newly-decorated private cabin. Small bathroom attached.

Rupi Kaur Room.JPG

The Leonard Cohen Room

Large shared room, en-suite with claw-foot tub.


The Dr. Seuss Room

Small private room.


The Rilke Room

Small private room.

Zadie Smith Room.JPG

The Zadie Smith Room

Small private room.


The Tess Gallagher & Raymond Carver Suite

Two joined private rooms, walk through one to get to the other. En-suite with claw foot tub.

The Rupi Kaur Room

Large private room, en-suite with claw-foot tub.

Alice Walker Room.JPG

The Alice Walker Room/Nikita Gill Room

A large room that is sometimes shared (when we call it “The Nikita Gill room” and sometimes private (when we call it “The Alice Walker Room”). En-suite with claw-foot tub.