Jenna Tenn-Yuk

Writing Coach and Workshop Facilitator


Jenna is a spoken word artist, speaker and creative facilitator.

Jenna’s writing journey began with a devastating knee injury which opened her to the world of writing. She carried on to study journalism, which dropped her right in the heart of Ottawa’s spoken word community. Through spoken word, she started to walk towards her fears, break silences and find her voice. These little steps led her to national stages, including TEDx, Parliament Hill and the “Walrus Talks” series, where she’s had the opportunity to encourage others to see the power of their stories as tools for self-reflection, healing and survival.

Jenna has an innate talent for seeing and bringing out the potential in others, and opening spaces where people’s voices can be heard – especially the quietest ones. She isn’t afraid to go deep in her workshops, encouraging participants to explore what is unseen in themselves and the spaces around them. She is also know in the Firefly community for her big laugh and contagious sense of humour.

Jenna walks with a range of identities as a queer woman of colour. Her own writing dives into the complexities of identity, relationships and finding her way home. She’s written for several publications, including the Huffington Post and the Ottawa Citizen. Jenna was a 2014 Vancouver Biennale artist-in-residence. She also holds a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies.

Jenna believes in the power of storytelling to break silences, connect people and change the world around us. You can read more about her work on her personal website or watch her Walrus Talk on “Who Gets to Live Authentically” here.

Jenna did her Firefly Creative Writing coach and facilitator training in 2017.

Always full of feeling, Jenna is known for her laugh and can often be found exploring the city while singing jazz on her bike. Her ideal day would include brunch with friends, wandering a new neighbourhood, jazz at the Communist’s Daughter and soaking up the beauty around her.

What clients are saying…

Janet-Nguyen circle.png

Jenna was such a joy to work with and a fantastic facilitator. It was an absolute pleasure and honour to be a part of the first women of colour writing class. The booklets given were great for inspiration and the prompts and activities were perfect. The class was pure magic, we shared our stories and shared a space of safety and love where our writing truly flourished. My writing has gone to depths that I was unaware I was capable of and I thank Firefly, Jenna, and my fellow classmates for allowing me to experience this writing class!

Janet Nguyen
Blogger, Writer


Jenna was so great. She made the class feel safe and comfortable for all, and offered great insights into writing that have made a big impact on me. She was flexible and supportive and knew when and where to push and prod to get the most for us. She always had a smile and a soothing way of accepting the present moment, whatever might happen.

Peter Yu
Teacher, Writer


Jenna was fabulous, patient, flexible and involved. I hadn’t written in a long time and Life Stories LGBTTQ+ with Jenna was just the inspiration I needed to put pen to paper. I marveled at the honesty and bravery that the class exhibited in sharing their stories and so I felt safe revealing my own. And the space is so lovely. I highly recommend this class.

Chris Higgins
Communications Production Manager