Breaking The Ocean

A reading and Q&A about from Breaking The Ocean — a memoir of race, rebellion and reconciliation.

Breaking The Ocean.png

you broke the ocean in
half to be here.
only to meet nothing that wants you.

— immigrant

~ Nayyirah Waheed

What does it mean to write candidly and beautifully about race, bullying and healing? What happens when those very personal stories are published, shared and talked about across the country? What gets talked about, drawn forward, discussed… and what doesn’t?

Author Annahid Dashgard will finish her autumn book tour back in her home neighborhood, with an intimate reading and Q&A from her celebrated memoir Breaking The Ocean. She’ll talk to us about her process in opening up about her life, including traumatic racial bullying, activism, burnout and struggles as a racialized parent, and will answer questions about how it has felt to take these very personal stories on the road, sharing it with communities across North America.

The book is a meditation on belonging — what it means, the impact of its absence and how to actively create it for ourselves and others.

This evening will be perfect for you if:

  • You want to engage with real, authentic stories about race, power, burnout, bullying and belonging.

  • You’re ready to dive deep into topics that are often relegated to private conversations, or not talked about at all. Since this is the end of Annahid’s tour, we’ll be exploring what hasn’t come up in mainstream literary circles.

  • You’ve read Annahid’s book, or are curious to learn more. (She’ll have copies to sell!)

  • You want to slide out of your day-to-day to connect with other people who love words.

  • You’re curious about our studio and want to spend some quality time inside its walls connecting with neighbours and Fireflies.

  • You don’t need a lot of leg room to have a great time.

  • You bought a ticket! We’re selling them in advance. They will go on sale in October.

All the details:

This event will take place on Friday, November 8th. We’ll open the doors at 7, and get started at 7:30.

We’ll be at our beautiful studio, 1898 Danforth Ave, unit 2. It’s fully wheelchair accessible and a short stroll from the Woodbine subway station.

Tickets will be sold in advance in mid-October. Pop your name on our mailing list to get a nudge when we’re releasing them.

See you there!