Afrofuturistic Speculative Fiction

An Evening of Writing, Reading and Learning with Fiona Raye Clarke


The term “Afrofuturism” gets thrown around a lot these days.

From Space is the Place to Black Panther, a lot of us have had a taste of the beauty of Afrofuturism and the possibilities that the genre holds. But how do we find our own way in? What stories can each of us can bring to it?

We’ll gather at the Firefly studio for an evening of reading, writing and learning. We’ll read excerpts from Nnedi Okorafor and Kenyan-Canadian Minister Faust, discuss the history and controversies around Afrofuturism, and get out our pens and paper and write some Afrofuturism-inspired pieces.

This workshop is ideal for people who want to learn more about Afrofuturism, explore what it might mean to them, and try their hands at this exciting new genre. Participants can expect to leave with fun reading recommendations and the sparks for brand new, never-imagined-before pieces of writing.


This workshop is over. Contact Fiona Raye Clarke to see if she’s planning to run another, or see Firefly’s current workshop line-up here.

The Facilitator:

Fiona Raye Clarke is one of the 2018 Writer In Residence cohort here at Firefly. She is a writer and community-engaged artist who focuses her art on screenwriting, playwriting and fiction. She’s working on too many projects to even list, but one is a short fiction collection called Kites Fly Highest Against the Wind which was chosen for the Diaspora Dialogues 2018 Long-Form Mentorship Program. Her short plays Broken Windows and When God Closes His Eyes have appeared in the InspiraTO Festival, b current’s rock.paper.sistahz festival, and the WriteOn Readings summer showcase.  Fiona also won the 2017 CaribbeanTales CineFAM Short Film challenge for her co-created short film Intersecting.