Writing While The World Is On Fire

Writing While the World is on Fire


You’re tired. We know.

These days there’s no scarcity of things to protest, worry about, lobby and work to change. More than ever, the problems facing our earth and it’s beings feel far, far greater than our individual ability to affect them. When we’re engaged with these issues, it’s easy for sensitive hearts to get overwhelmed.

This is workshop for folks who are working hard to create positive change in their communities, countries or in the world as a whole, but have found themselves exhausted. Maybe you work for a non-profit and you’re feeling buried in the day-to-day. Maybe you counsel with troubled youths and you can feel your life energy draining with every season that passes. Maybe you’ve just written more letters to politicians than you ever thought you could imagine.

Your work may be professional or volunteer, it may be on the individual level or the collective, you may find yourself left or right of center. Wherever you are, this is a workshop to pause the action, and reconnect to the voice and drive that sent you down this path in the first place.

This workshop won’t teach you how to take action, but rather will give you a process for when your actions don’t feel like enough.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll spend three Friday nights together at the Firefly Creative Writing studio, working through a series of writing exercises to help us connect to our passion and better understand who we are within the world of the issues that have us by the heartstrings. We’ll explore the roots of this work in our lives, the ways it’s pushed us, the people who have impacted us, and what we need in our hearts to keep going. We’ll share our writing as we go, learning from each other and sharing encouraging, thoughtful feedback.

This workshop is ideal for people who:

~ Have been working, professionally or casually, at making a positive change in the world and need to pause and breathe.
~ Enjoy the idea of writing, even if they don’t identify (yet!) as “writers”.
~ Feel ready (though maybe a little scared) to share their writing with others.
~ Are interested in exploring their own lives and journeys through writing and sharing some of what comes up. (We tend to get a little personal.)
~ Love a good homemade cookie.

You can expect to leave this workshop with:

~ A deeper sense of who you are within the work you do.
~ Deep breaths and a slower pulse rate.
~ Loads of pieces of writing that you can take home and refine if you like. (Some of these could be the foundation for blog posts or newsletters if that’s your jam.)
~ A community of people who totally get it.
~ A sense of your writing voice and gifts as a writer.

This workshop won’t give you:

~ Critique or competition. Our feedback on writing will be aimed entirely on helping each participant recognize their own gifts.
~ Rules or instruction on “how to write”. We’re using writing as a tool for expression, connection and self-understanding.
~ Tools for affecting change. This isn’t a workshop on how to do good work, but what to do when it’s begun to swallow you up.
~ A chance to convert new minds to your way of thinking, petition for new members for your organization, get a job. While some natural networking may occur, it’s not the focus.


3 Weekly Friday evenings, 6.15pm – 9.45pm
Sorry, this workshop is full, and currently in session
January 12 – January 26
At the Firefly studio with Chris


The total fee is $340. When you sign up you’ll be asked for a $200 deposit to confirm your spot. The balance will be due two weeks before class starts. You will also have the option of breaking your balance into two monthly credit card payments of $70. There’s no extra fee for this service; we just like being able to offer it.

We don’t want money to be a barrier to participation for our classes, but we know it can be. This is especially true for people facing marginalization. We have a small scholarship fund available, allocated on a first-come-first-served basis for anyone who needs it. Please let us know in your registration form if you’d like to apply. On the other hand if you’re able to contribute to our scholarship fund, click here.

To see our financial policies, click here.

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Here’s a link to the Q & A for all Firefly Toronto classes. If you still don’t have the answer you’re looking for, drop us a line. We’re super-friendly.

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