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Introducing the Firefly Writer in Residence Program

Every so often we get an idea that makes us dizzy with joy. This is one of those moments.

Please note: Applications have now closed. We’ll be contacting all applicants in the first half of December and announcing the winner mid-month.

The Firefly Writer in Residence program represents a chance for us to support an up-and-coming writer who is looking for a larger audience for their work, while inviting them to help us broaden our reach here at the studio. We’re looking for one fierce, hardworking, and enthusiastic writer who wants to become part of the fabric of our studio for one season, January-April, 2018.

What we’ll provide:

  • Time in our beautiful studio to write. This means a 3-month spot in one of our studio membership groups and a few long chunks of time when the studio is ALL YOURS.
  • Access to our library of books.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at what a season at a writing studio looks like.
  • Promotion through our channels — we will want everyone to know who you are! If you have books to sell, all the better. We’ll beam you up though Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and our newsletter and website to introduce you to our wonderful people. (If you don’t know it yet — Firefly has the best people.)
  • Stupendous resume material.
  • So many warm feelings.

What we’ll ask for:

  • Approximately 12 hours of your time to help us broaden our community in ways that only you know how to do. Maybe you’ll do a public reading of your work at the studio. Maybe you’ll host a free workshop in a genre we’re not currently covering (children’s lit, Afrofuturism, writing for screen…) or for a population we’re not currently serving. Maybe you know how to give great manuscript feedback on screenplays. Maybe you’ll help us apply for a grant to build up our scholarship fund. In the application we’ll ask you to make us a proposal — what do you know that we don’t? How can you bring that to help us serve and broaden our community?
  • A guest Messy Beautiful Pages video and a Poem of the Moment so that we can share your brilliance further.

At its heart, this isn’t a financial exchange — this program is built on connection and support. There’s no fee to apply, there’s no stipend for participating, and we’re not looking to make money from the writer we choose. Our goal is to support an emerging writer and to create new avenues to support and grow our community at large.

We’re open to published and unpublished writers of all genres, approaches and stripes who live in or near Toronto. (We love you non-Toronto peeps, but we’re not sure how to make this program work for you.) If you think “This probably isn’t for me,” think further.

Applications are now closed.



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