Women In Medicine Conference Writing Workshop

Women, medicine, and stories

A Writing Workshop for the Women in Medicine Conference, 2018

Are you a female physician with stories in your heart? Want to work with a creative writing coach to find out how to write them down?

The privilege of being let into the lives of patients when they are at their most vulnerable is a complicated gift. It means that as physicians we’re always navigating the delicate line between our roles as professionals and our own personhood. This gives rise to all kinds of things – exhilaration, empathy, exhaustion and of course… many, many stories.

This mini-workshop will be a safe space for women physicians to explore their creativity, and take the first steps in writing the stories they want to write. Together we’ll explore how writing can be a tool for articulating the complexities of our lives and our work as well as expressing the pain we carry and dancing in the joy we know. We’ll unpack how our unique experiences as women in healthcare have shaped us, changed us, and led us to who we are.

Participants don’t need any prior training or experience in writing… Or even any idea what they may want to write! This workshop is open to all levels of writers, from the absolute beginner to the writer in the depths of a well-formulated project. If participants choose, they can send the pieces they write in the workshop to their facilitator after the workshop for encouraging words and ideas of where their writing might go next.

This workshop series is perfect for those of you who:

~ Have the desire to explore your experiences through writing, even if you’ve never written before at all.
~ Are interested in getting and giving thoughtful and encouraging feedback on writing in a non-judgmental, loving atmosphere.
~ Love the idea of a creative date with a small group of other women physicians.
~ Are interested in exploring how creative writing can be a tool for expression and wellness.

You can expect to leave the workshop with:

~ Some new, exciting writing, much of which will be pulled from your journey as woman physician.
~ A renewed (or brand new) sense of your writing voice and your unique gifts as a writer.
~ A feeling of creative playfulness and possibility.
~ Creative courage.
~ Ideas and writing prompts which you can take forward into your life and work.
~The opportunity of sending in a piece of your writing for more in-depth feedback after the workshop.  The writing coach will send you written feedback on your piece within a few weeks via email. (This is completely optional.)

This workshop won’t give you:

~ A chance to discuss your clinical cases. Strictest confidentiality will be maintained to ensure individual patients are not discussed in a way that may identify them.
~ Lessons on how to write. We believe that writing naturally grows when we feel safe, inspired and nurtured, so that’s what we’ll be working on creating for each other.
~ Information about how to write for an academic or clinical audience.
~ Direction about how to publish your work. We may touch on different ways to moving our work into the world, but it’s not the focus of this workshop and we don’t believe publishing is the only (or most exciting) way of doing this.

About your workshop facilitator:

Saroo Sharda is an Ontario anesthesiologist and trained writing coach with Toronto based creative company Firefly Creative Writing. You can learn more about her and what client’s are saying about her right here.

All the details

We’ll meet for 2 hours on Friday June 8 2018 at the conference venue (room to be confirmed). The workshop will run between 2 – 4pm, which should give you ample time to freshen up before the wine and cheese that evening.

All you’ll need is a notebook/paper and a pen and your big wide-open heart!

The cost of this workshop is $140 + hst. This includes the 2-hour workshop, the option to send the work you write in the workshop to the facilitator for one-on-one attention and sweet writerly take-home gifts from Firefly.

Ready to take the plunge?

Sorry, this workshop is now full.

More questions?

Feel free to reach out to Saroo at saroo@fireflycreativewriting.com




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