Snail mail for your writer’s heart.

Writing can be a lonely little road.

As Susan Kennedy once wrote, “Writing thrives on solitude, not isolation.” We completely agree. Sometimes, we just need a little porch light on down the road, a place to drop by, swing our bags down to the floor, eat a sandwich. A familiar voice saying, “Hey, I’m listening, how’s it going in there?”

That’s what Touchstone is for. This is a personalized journey, designed as a lighter alternative to coaching for people who love paper and could use a little company on the complicated, often-confusing journey of being a person who writes. Monthly letters and care packages will invite you to pause, reflect, receive guidance, and chart your forward motion, whether that’s through a specific story, a deepening practice or just the day-to-day challenge of living a creative life.

We chose snail mail as the vehicle for this program because we believe that paper helps us slow down, feel our bodies, take deep breaths and be present in our process. We want you to remember the flow of your own handwriting and the joy of tearing through envelopes to get at what’s inside. We want you to step away from the blur of computer and phone screens to allow another voice to emerge. We want to know you in a way that emails don’t allow.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll start by asking you to fill out a beautiful long questionnaire so that we can get to know where you’re at in your creative life, what your deepest questions are, and what lets your writing flow. Based on this, you’ll be matched with a coach (or you can request one) who will fill up a padded envelope with writerly goodies chosen for you, as well as a handwritten letter to begin your correspondence. She’ll ask you questions, send you poems, and chart the edges of your comfort zone so that she can nudge it out gently. She’ll even send you stationary and stamps so that you can write back without having to get organized.

You can write back anytime over the next 2 weeks (one week if you’re overseas to give the postal service more time). Write up to three pages. If you need to type that’s okay, but no email. This is about getting back to the basics.

You’ll carry on like this, exchanging monthly letters until you feel like you’re ready for a change — to upgrade to coaching or go it alone.

One more thing… You’ll also receive a password to unlock ALL our Messy Beautiful Pages videos. These are short writing prompt videos to get you unstuck anytime. There are dozens.

Topics you might cover, depending on your goals and curiosity:

* Writing what you truly want to write.
* Establishing and maintaining a writing practice.
* Meeting personal goals.
* Exploring your creative fears and finding out what’s on the other side of them.
* Creating more time and space for writing in your life.
* Experimenting with systems of accountability and reward in order to produce more.
* Figuring out if writing is something you want to commit to in a bigger way.
* Figuring out what it would look like to commit to writing in a bigger way.
* Not stopping when you’re in the middle of a project and your resistances are high.
* Creating a community of people who support you.
* Sharing your work with the world in your own way.

This program may be perfect for you if:

* You have some momentum or motivation, but know that connection will bring more depth to your practice. (If you have no momentum or motivation, we would suggest starting with a coaching package instead.)
* You’re looking for a sustained, long-term connection to someone who is on your side, rather than quick, one-size-fits-all answers.
* You love finding mysterious packages in the mailbox.
* You’re ready to open up, be honest, explore big questions and embrace the intimacy that snail mail invites.
* You have enough time in your month to write one old-school letter.

This program won’t give you:

* Feedback on your work. You can get that over here. Conversations in Touchstone will be about your process of writing — your dreams and fears, your successes and questions, your heart.
* Advice on publishing.
* Live, in-person interactions — we’re just connecting on paper.
* Iron-clad discipline — if you don’t write to your coach one month, she’ll be a little disappointed, but there aren’t any repercussions. We don’t believe in the value of the bossy approach. She’ll still write to you.


This program costs $110 CAD a month. If you’re inside Canada we need to add HST. If you’re outside Canada we’ll add a shipping fee of $10/month.

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