Touchstone Financial Policies

Touchstone Financial Policies

Here’s what we need you to know…

1. There is a minimum commitment of three months for this program.

2. A commitment to the payment process is due before the work begins. We generally use Paypal’s recurrent payment plans for this, but if you prefer you can send us post-dated cheques, one per month for a minimum of three months, or pay in advance for three months at a time via e-transfer.

3. Payments are not refundable. This is because we know how easy it is to let our creativity take the back seat to more immediate tasks. Valuing this work with your financial resources will give it a front seat in your life.

4. When you’re ready to finish, any time after three months, please notify your coach or our office manager in writing. Your program will close after one more exchange.

5. There is a $50 processing fee for bounced cheques or insufficient funds.

6. Tax receipts will be provided upon request.

7. Provincially-based tax rates will be added for Canadians.

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Can We Keep In Touch?

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