Online blogging workshop: The Blog Shop

The Blog Shop: An online workshop for folks who want to blog with more heart, ease and authenticity.

Bored of your blog?

This online workshop will gather together people who want to blog, need to blog, intend to blog, but don’t seem to get around to actually blogging. We’ll spend one full Saturday (and a little bit of Sunday) online together getting to the heart of our blogs and creating from there.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll spend a day together (10am-5pm EST) together, using live video (you’ll see Coach Chris streaming from her office), interactive chat (all participants will be on a secret Facebook page with Coach Danette) and a workbook which will be mailed all participants before the class begins.

We’ll start by getting to the core of our material — what do we really want to write about? Who is this blog truly for? Where does our deepest material overlap with our reader’s deepest needs? After that we’ll work on using some Firefly magic to wildly brainstorm all the ways we can bring our work to life. We’ll also look at refining our technique, writing for internet brains, and bringing more joy and flow into our process.

Participants will be invited to scribble their hearts out on Saturday evening, writing as many posts as they can, and then on Sunday morning we’ll reconvene on the Facebook page to share what we’ve created, receive thoughtful, encouraging feedback and celebrate what we’ve created.

By the end of the workshop, everyone will have a pile of posts, ideas for more, tangible tools to get them done and friends on the same path.

A big package will be mailed to you before the class starts with a Blog Shop workbook, tea, chocolate, and some little surprises to help you create a cozy home studio for the length of the class.

Still curious? Watch this video about how our online classes work.

This class is ideal for people who:

~ Blog for the love of it, or to promote a small business that’s close to their hearts.
~ Love writing but can’t seem to channel that love into blogging on a regular basis.
~ Have lots of ideas but get stuck when it comes to turning them into posts.
~ Are asking questions about how to bring more of the right traffic to their blog.
~ Wish for more ease and flow in blog writing.

You can expect to walk away with:

~ A host of new posts to roll out in your own time.
~ A workbook to keep you writing.
~ A real-life parcel of goodies to support your writing life.
~ A pile of resources and how-to’s for bringing more people to your site.
~ Info about the legalities of using pictures on your blog (and how to find the risk-free ones).
~ Audio resources to get you unstuck anytime.
~ A sweet community of bloggers to share and network with during the workshops and long after.

 You won’t walk away with:

~ Harsh critique or competition. We’re all about the love.
~ Pressure to write things you don’t want to write. We go where the joy is!
~ Iron-clad discipline. You get out of this class what you put into it.
~ Critique of your whole blog. (If you’d like a coach or editor to look over your entire site, check out our Manuscript Services.)

Danette and Chris


Saturday December 2, 12:00-5:00pm
Plus: Optional Sunday December 3, 9-noon
Chris will teach this class and Danette  will be the “coach in call”.


The total fee is $250 CAD.
You can choose to pay this as a lump sum or you can sign up for three automatic, monthly credit card payments of $83.33.
Click here to see our full financial policies.

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Here’s a link to the Q & A for all Firefly online classes. If you still don’t have the answer you’re looking for, drop Bree a line She’s super-friendly.

Please note:

You will need a Facebook account and a decent internet connection to get the most out of this class. Weak wireless signals or dial-up might result in choppy video. There’s more about this in the Q & A. Drop us a line if you have any uncertainties.

Want more class options?

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What past participants are saying:

I can’t say enough nice words about this empowering workshop. I have a big aversion to writing and faced my fears head on. Chris’s insightful encouragement and the support of the group got me through a tough start and I was deeply touched by the loving feedback that my writing received. I cried, it was magical. Every aspect of the workshop was brilliantly thought out, not once did I think “yeah, yeah, I already know that” or “whoa, I’m totally lost”. The entire thing was a brilliant opportunity to learn about and connect with myself and other creative souls on a deep level. I’m so thankful for this offering.

Chelsea Linsley
Brand Stylist

Back when I was dreaming of ways to start my website, I enrolled in The Blog Shop. I gathered with would-be bloggers from Ontario, Nova Scotia, the US West Coast, even England. Many magical things happened as we shared our trepidations about public writing and making time to create. We laughed and we left feeling encouraged. Thanks to Chris’ infectiously positive outlook, I knew I could do this new thing. So yes, here I am a year later, still writing and still celebrating!

Holly Rupert
Garden Writer

The Blog Shop was extraordinarily inspiring and helpful to me in my writing. Chris was amazing as our leader & guide. I went from being nervous about blogging to discovering my strengths as a writer. I finished feeling very inspired and creative. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to improve their writing skills, along with ideas for writing posts to sign up immediately. Thank you, Chris, for an amazing experience of writing.

Jo Hatcher
Family Therapist and Retreat Leader

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