Studio Time

Studio Time

Longing for some time to focus on creative work?

Sometimes all we need is a quiet place and a few uninterrupted hours. Sometimes all we need is a break from the internet, from the fridge, from the sight of laundry and dishes. Sometimes all we need is a mug of tea, a little desk, a deep breath and then another.

Now that we have a beautiful new studio, we’ve created two ways of delivering you those very things.

Writer’s Studio Afternoons: One-off deep dives into creative productivity.


If you want to get a bunch of headway on a project and see what it feels like to write in silence with others, Writer’s Studio Afternoons are your ticket. These one-off writing events involve five uninterrupted hours of quiet writing time in a room full of others. Participants are expected for the full time — we’ll begin with a micro-workshop to connect to each other and to get a TINY bit of writing started, and we’ll end with a check-in to talk about how the afternoon went. In between the time is yours to scribble and type, stare out the window, peruse our library and be a writer. These events are all overseen by a Firefly coach and involve tea and homemade baking.

These take place the last Sunday of each month until late July, noon-5pm.
$45 per session.

Studio Membership: A season of weekly dates with your beautiful creative work.

If you’re ready for a long haul, our seasonal membership program is for you. You’ll receive access to the studio every week for a generous dose of quiet productivity, tea, familiar faces and the sound of fingers typing. Unlike the one-off Studio Afternoons, this is a drop-in program so participants aren’t requires to be present every week and can arrive and leave when they wish. In the last 20 minutes we’ll break the silence for an informal check-in to chat about what’s happening in our work.  Because we believe in the safe haven of known community, this will be the same group of people each week, with the same Firefly coach or trusted community member overseeing.

Summer sessions are now full.

Fall sessions:

Option 1: Friday afternoons 1:30-5:00pm, September 8 – December 1 (No session on October 6)
Option 2: Saturday afternoons 1:30-5:00pm, September 9 – December 9 (No sessions on October 7 or November 11)

Cost: $47 per month ($141 for the season)

Can We Keep In Touch?

Can We Keep In Touch?

Every 2-3 weeks we email out a poem we love, a link to a new video writing prompt, and news of upcoming workshops. Can we send them to you?

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