Saroo Sharda

Introducing Writing Coach Saroo Sharda

Saroo has been writing stories for as long as she can remember.

Her family fondly recollects her childhood stories and plays, written on scrap pieces of paper, in notebooks, and rendered to all willing to hear.

These days Saroo’s writing is influenced by her roles as mother, physician, wife, writer, spiritual seeker, confidant and connector, as well as by her cultural roots, which are embedded in England, India, Kenya and Canada. Nothing is more special for her than helping people realize that their words are important, that those words have a sacred place in the world. Saroo pays attention to detail and remembers the seemingly inconsequential moments of peoples’ writing and lives.

Saroo is in awe of how writing can empower us and create clarity amidst chaos. Her own writing is rooted both in mysticism and every day questions. She writes about medicine (her article “The Forgotten Physician” was recently published in the Globe and Mail), spirituality, and family in all it’s complexity, messiness and wonder.  Currently she’s working on stories of the women who went before her, untold stories which she wants to bring forward from silence, into their true and painful beauty.

She holds a Masters in Education and is an Anesthesiologist and an Assistant Clinical Professor at McMaster University.

Saroo continues to seek to understand herself and her world through writing. A perfect Saturday for her would include sleep, nature, cooking way too much food for a dinner party, drinking numerous cups of tea, arranging flowers in misshapen jars and snuggles with her kids as they fall asleep.

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