Our Studio

The Firefly Studio

We finally did it!

We found a studio and we have moved in! In December it was a run-down, bright-blue pot dispensary with holes in the walls, as Astroturf floor and a huge psychedelic mushroom mural in the front. By mid-January it was a warm and cozy writing studio full of spots to curl up and write, home to our workshops, client sessions, and writer’s studio events. And now we need a nap.

You can find us at 1898 Danforth Ave, just West of Woodbine station. Please note that it’s not a drop-by space — we’re often teaching, seeing clients or simply not in. If you’d like to pop your head in to say hello that’s great, drop us a line to set up a time.

Some of our classes are still happening in Danette’s sweet West End home, so make sure to check your workshop description to know where you’re going.

And yes, in time we may start renting the studio out in our off-hours. Let us know if you’d like to be on the list of people to contact when we get there.

To see more photos of the transformation and the space right now, check out our Instagram feed.

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