MOMoir — an online writing workshop for busy mothers

MOMoir — an online writing workshop for moms

Momoir workshop

Are you a mama with stories to tell and almost no time to tell them?

This online writing workshop is for busy mamas of all stages and shades of motherhood who want to reflect on their journeys, soak up inspiration, carve out a little “me” time and write, write, write.

Over eight weeks, either alone or in a supportive online community of women (your choice) you’ll scribble and type your way through stories, reflections, rants and snapshots of your journey as a mother so far. The focus of the class will be on a safe, fun, HONEST space for real stories of motherhood — the unexpected turns, startling joys, messy moments, growing pains, questions, loss and love that make up the life of a mother.

Here’s how it works:

Each week we’ll offer you a theme related to motherhood to explore and three audio mini-projects to choose from that will gently walk you through three ways to write about theme. The first one will take 10 minutes one 15 and one 25. Yes this means you can do this class in 10 minutes a week, or you can slow your roll and sink into it for up to an hour. The files are all downloadable, so whatever you don’t get up to one week will be waiting for you later.

We’ll also send links to inspiring examples of writing and storytelling about motherhood, writing tips to take or leave and and a beautiful care package in the mail (yes real mail) with tea, chocolate and materials to keep your writing flowing long after the class is over.

If you’re motivated by community, you can also join a Facebook group to post your pieces each week and read other women’s work. The group will be moderated by a Firefly coach who will keep a gentle eye on feedback to make sure it falls into our guidelines.

This class is designed for all kinds of mothers — birth moms, step-moms, foster moms, adoptive moms, and anyone else who has stepped into the joyous and demanding role of raising children.

This writing workshop is ideal for women who:

~ Are at any stage of motherhood and long to exhale and write.
~ Want to record their stories before they are forgotten.
~ Are fascinated by the complicated, beautiful, challenging role of being a mother.
~ Struggle to make time to be creative and want a little help to make it easier.
~ Have enough motivation and drive to get their pens moving every week. Since this is self-guided, we’re not there to nudge you.

You can expect to walk away with:

~ A whole bunch of short pieces written in first-draft form.
~ The relief of knowing that these stories are finding a home outside of your head and heart.
~ 24 audio files each walking you through a motherhood-related writing project that you can download and do over and over.
~ Tons of readings and audio storytelling examples to fill your creative well and let you know you’re not alone out there.
~ Writing tips to take or leave.
~ A sweet care package to keep you writing flowing and your mind relaxed.
~ That sweet feeling of relief and accomplishment.

If you’re motivated by sharing, you can also opt in at no extra cost for a moderated Facebook forum to share your work every week with a supportive group of women. This group is available to women who are confident they’ll be able to share at least one piece per week through the class, and give feedback to other women on at least one piece per week. We want to create a group that’s engaged and connected.

This workshop won’t give you:

~ Writing critique. This is a loving, nurturing environment for all writing voices and styles.
~ Lectures on how to write “better”. This workshop is about getting it down, not making it flawless.
~ Advice on how to mother. Yeesh! Never! The Facebook group will be carefully moderated to make sure the feedback is all about writing.
~ Feedback on all your writing. If you choose to join the Facebook element of this class, you’ll be part of a community of women sharing stories, moderated by Firefly coach Saroo Sharda. Saroo will provide moral support, guidelines, and occasional feedback. Her main job is to create a space where the group can connect to each other.


8 Thursdays (Self-Directed)
September 28 – November 16
With Saroo
Cost: $245


The workshop costs $245.
To keep it simple you’ll have two options at check-out. You can pay the full fee right away, or sign up to make three automatic monthly payments of $81.66 on your credit card. Click here to see our full financial policies.

Ready to to take the leap?

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Check out our MOMoir FAQ. If you still don’t have the answer you’re looking for, drop Bree a line. She’s super-friendly.

Credit where it’s due:

The gorgeous photo at the top of this page is by the photographer Vinoth Chandar, who lives and snaps photos in India. It is shared care of the Creative Commons License 2.0. We are so grateful! You can see his work here.



What people are saying:

I absolutely loved this class! It covered so many aspects of motherhood, which definitely pushed me to think and write about more than I would have on my own. That said, there was still ample room to write the things I really wanted to explore myself. It felt like much more than “just” a writing class; it was therapeutic and cathartic. The journey of motherhood is a roller coaster, and it’s helpful to acknowledge all the ways it affects our lives; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Firefly provided such a warm and inviting atmosphere to really pull so much out of myself as a writer and mother. I know I will go back to many of the projects, both to refine and expand on what I wrote, and to start them again from scratch to get even more writing out of them. I can’t gush about this course enough!

Sarah MacKinnon
Mother, Copy Editor


It was so inspiring to find all this material just waiting inside me. The MOMoir online workshop gave me permission to take time to document my journey instead of just being carried away by it. I loved the different styles of writing that were presented to us. I wish writing had been presented like this at school. Chris’s prompts brought ease and clarity to writing about things that, I at first thought, “nah…nothing here.” I was surprised week after week to find beauty, laughter and tears brought to life on paper. Thank you!

Amy Neuhedel
Expat Mom, Global Birthworker, Podcaster

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