1. Jacky
    January 26, 2018 @ 3:58 am

    Human society is a clusterfuck. I noticed this when I was about 10, and over more than 50 years since it hasn’t gotten one whit better. Probably you’ve noticed the same thing. It angers me that we continue to do such stupid things because, although we were granted brains, we so so rarely use them. Its not OK.

    We know how to feed everyone, how to cure, even eradicate, leprosy and a dozen other nasty diseases, how to generate power without destroying the climate, how to live on this Earth without fouling our own nest – even how to create a wealthy society without working long hours – yet we don’t do any of it. Instead we run around pursuing personal agendas and eventually leave this world, no better than when we were born into it.

    Why do we behave in such damnably ignorant ways? Are we so afraid of success? Or is that we’re terrified of each other? Either way, it makes me angry.

  2. Paula
    January 28, 2018 @ 11:40 am

    I can understand why anger doesn’t show up much in your workshops. It’s hard to allow and it’s even more difficult to share. I hesitate to post what came from me during this exercise. I feel the need to explain where it came from to excuse the violent nature of this writing. But I am not going to do that (but I will if you want me to). Reluctantly, here it is…

    If you ever lay a fucking finger on me, I will grab your intrusive knuckles and crush every tiny bone in your hateful hand. The louder you scream, the deeper I will laugh. The more you beg me to stop, the more aggressive I will squeeze, and twist, until severed fragments protrude through your calloused skin. Once satisfied, I will leave you kneeling on your cold tiled floor, hand dangling from your bloodied sleeve, saliva trickling onto your shirt collar, sweat stinging your pathetic weepy eyes. You will catch a blurred vision of me walking away slowly, confidently, proudly, in whatever direction I so choose. Your agony won’t conceal your astonishment for how forceful I was. I won’t call for help for you. I will carry on with my day, unharmed. We will never see one other again. And that’s exactly how I’ll want it.

  3. Denise H
    February 17, 2018 @ 2:56 am

    It’s not okay:

    It’s not okay to sacrifice other people’s children for your own selfish ambitions
    It’s not okay to hang those ambitions on the backs of others whom you claim not to see
    It’s not okay when you create hurt in the world because you too are hurt but mask that hurt with hunger and harm
    It’s not okay to tell a lover they are crazy when what you mean is I don’t wish to look at this
    It’s not okay to have children unless you know for sure you will love them unconditionally through the very hard work
    It’s not okay to behave as though we don’t share the same air
    It’s not okay to stake your claim, a stake in the hearts of so many, because you want. Everyone wants.
    It’s not okay to hide behind philosophy and platitude that you know very well are false
    It’s not okay to dissemble and discombobulate to get your way
    It’s not okay. It was never okay.

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