1. Janet
    November 1, 2017 @ 3:54 pm

    I remember as a kid living in NB during the ’80s, one particular summer in which every day I wore pink high-top Ocean Pacific sneakers. I remember thinking they were The Shit. I remember the summer sun and the heat, and wearing neon t-shirts and shorts, and being perfectly bronzed. And I remember with those brightly patterned and coloured shorts and t-shirts I wore my high-top sneakers with scrunched-down socks.

    It seems I’ve always been a sneaker gal. Now in my 40s, my favourite clothing item is a well-worn, filthy pair of white Chucks. They go with everything. And I think they are The Shit.

  2. Nina
    November 2, 2017 @ 3:18 am

    I remember the summer of 1996 when I pierced my nose and sat in the car looking at myself in the rearview mirror screaming, HOLY SHIT.
    I remember thinking what the hell have I done?
    I remember being kind of impressed with myself and this daring act of self-embellishment.
    I remember a feeling of freedom. Of, fuck you world. Of, I can do what I want to my body.
    I remember a good friend telling me that if her mother walked into the doctor’s office and saw me, the doctor, sitting there with that big old hoop through my nostril that her mother would just walk right out.
    And I remember knowing, even then in those early days of being a fresh new doctor, that I had the heart and the words to keep almost anybody from walking out of my office.
    I remember my father saying, you’ll never practice anywhere else.
    And I remember saying, I won’t want to.
    I remember those years in San Francisco. In my mind, they are always bathed in clear sparkling light.
    I remember the years of becoming myself for the first time.

  3. Crystal
    November 5, 2017 @ 2:36 pm

    I remember…
    Lazy rainy days
    Gazing out of my window
    Memorized by the rain
    The traffic gliding by
    And the whoosh of wheels splashing down the road

    I remember…
    I was wearing burgundy and grey plaid flannel pyjama pants
    They had just been pulled down from the highest shelf
    because we could no longer deny that the cool weather was upon us again
    It was definitely a flannel pyjama kind of day.

    I remember…
    The chill in the air
    Not wanting to turn on the heat
    Wanting to curl up on the grey sofa
    Wrap myself in the soft burgundy blanket
    To light the fireplace
    And blend into the furnishings

    But then, I remembered…
    Then was now, and now I had to go out somewhere.

  4. Paula
    November 21, 2017 @ 12:27 am

    I remember the smell of ‘brand new’ when our house was built. No furniture yet. The carpets had just been been laid. The smell of the paint was faint now. I loved the color of my room. A pale pink. People used to call me Pink Paula Parker because I wore so much pink. I remember biking to the site of this house on my 10 speed when dad was building it. The cement foundation had just been poured. When I asked where my bedroom was going to be, he looked up, pointed, and said, ‘Up there.” I laughed. I chuckle out loud right now. Few memories I have of laughing with my father so this one is precious. Once all the curtains were hung and the meals were cooked and the television was on, those smells disappeared, or were at least forgotten. But I love the memory of the fresh start, being 10 years old and walking into an empty, new house. The possibilities were endless.

  5. myra
    November 22, 2017 @ 8:11 am

    I remember being naked, and walking around my house. I never worried that people could look inside my huge windows and see me. My house was on a hill in the middle of 3 acres of land, with miles and miles of rolling hills between me and my neighbours. I remember looking out my window one day and seeing in the distance, the beautiful sun setting in the clear sky. I remember thinking, with so much beauty in front of me, why am I living such a saddened life. I remember, it was a long time ago. Thank god for my close neighbours, my subdivision and my fluffy white and yellow ducky pj’s.

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