1. Nita
    July 13, 2017 @ 11:58 pm

    That was the cold that I loved because I got to stay home from school and lounge around in bed all day. I got to wear my comfy pjs instead of my silly school uniform. I got to fix my oh-so-healthy snack of peanut butter on melba toast with red and green-coloured sprinkles on top! I got to watch as much television as I wanted, without restriction to the 1-hour after school special that I was usually allotted. I got to feel sick, but oh so happy. I was happy to spend time alone and not to have to conform to what others’ expected of me. I was happy to have control over what I did (or didn’t do). That was the cold that I loved and I’m almost sorry I got better.

  2. Jacky
    July 16, 2017 @ 1:13 am

    Sometimes, very rarely, I don’t have a cold.

    Very rarely, for a while, I don’t cough, sneeze, run to the toilet. I don’t have a headache, a nagging tooth, an upset tummy, a scratchy eye.

    Sometimes my husband complains about some sniffle he’s picked up, and through my muddled headache and congestion I try to sympathize. He hasn’t noticed my cold; why would he? I don’t believe he’s ever known me without a cold. I make him a hot tea, knowing that when he feels better he’ll make one for me.

    Sometimes my cat sneezes and looks to me for comfort. I pick him up and hug him because I have a cold and I need comforting, too.

    Friends cancel dates because they have colds. I re-schedule. I have a cold, and I will have one again on the new date, because I live in a state of perpetual cold. We’ll go out anyway.

    Could be worse: I could have influenza, pneumonia, MS, cancer…. But I just have a cold.


  3. sylvia arsenault
    July 19, 2017 @ 1:03 am

    That was the cold that almost killed Lloy’d
    It is fall, late evening, I come home and all the lights are out. The house is silent. What is wrong? I walk quickly from one room to the next. Each room is empty until I find him, there he is, sitting in the den, a oversize rumple up sweater, a pale blue hoody that has the string missing from it, the hood is up and under it is a black wool hat. He is shivering, even though the blanket covers his toes to the top of his nose. A weak voice slipped though the holes of the old blanket.” I am sick, I am very sick. I think I am going to die. Pam… can you call my mom… “
    It is always hard not to be super funny in times like this. He is expecting me to be serious, to be caring, loving, to be like his mom when he was a kid feeling unwell. I on the other hand want to make a joke about his woolen hat, how I hope he did not wipe his nose on my blanket, how he looks like a wet drowned rat under that pile of material. “You are not going to die” I tell him as he squeaks out one last request…”can you rub my back for me?” I smile and leave the room, only to return with what I hope will save his life… a Tylenol

  4. Denise
    August 6, 2017 @ 12:06 am

    That was the cold that taught me about mind over matter. I was visiting my best friend in her new home — a whole border away. It was Christmastime – a first Christmas, in New Jersey of all places, for this Jewish Canadian girl. But I felt a sickness coming on. A real one, not a sniffle. With aches and ouches and headaches and congestion and the works. I knew it would be a doozy. But we had tickets to see Blues Traveller at Madison Square Garden!? I’d be there for my birthday (party at her friend’s house where I had my first bud light. Turned 15 that night, I think… or 14?! How old was I in grade 9?). I’d be there for New Years (that was the concert night. New Years in NYC!!). I’d be with my best friend for the last long time for a very long time. No way I was getting sick.

    I remember looking in the mirror. Once, years before, on our class trip to Quebec City in the Chateau Frontenac, Kristy had had to pee. Someone was in the bathroom. She said to herself and to me: I control it!

    So, I looked at myself in Kristy’s mirror. I said “I will not get sick.” And you know what? I didn’t! I was better the very next day. I felt great on my birthday and on New Years and had a great trip with my best friend.

    I never quite forgot that. I control it. I am in control of myself. My mind and body are connected. It informs so much of who I am and how I choose to be in the world.

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