1. Rose
    January 29, 2017 @ 6:40 pm

    These days I’ve been making love to my husband
    These days I’ve been making messes with color and line and been ok with the process and not caring about the outcome
    These days I have been making connections to special needs students from 5th grade to 9th grade
    These days I have been making efforts to be patient with Irma by spending a little time with her
    These days I have been making a relationship with a new friend grow
    These days I have been making my Self more at ease by listening to my Intuition and less with “have tos”
    These days I have been making time to breathe and check in with myself through ten minute writing sessions
    These days I have been making time to read books and enjoy the experience without analyzing the story for Hero’s Journey, plot or scene elements
    These days I have been making time for music in my life
    These days I have been making time for meditation

  2. Marina
    January 31, 2017 @ 3:42 am

    These days, I’ve been making… a lot of confusing mental puzzles that don’t seem to fit with each other.
    These days, I’ve been making others smile while I forget what that feels like.
    These days, I’ve been making food that raises my energies and makes me feel good.
    These days, I’ve been making some kind of progress, even if I feel I don’t believe it.
    These days, I’ve been waking up every morning looking forward to hopefully getting good news.
    These days, I’ve been forgetting to stop looking for specifics, and just find happiness in whatever.
    These days, I’ve been making excuses as well as reasons for not writing
    Not like I can figure them out.
    Not like I know why I’m doing it to myself.

    These days, I’ve been making it harder for myself to enjoy a workplace I was once too excited to join.

    Yet I had a feeling to pick the other choice.
    I could have been at the other job.
    Would I have been any happier?

    These days, I’ve been making up thoughts
    Thoughts that are strong and powerful.
    Yet thoughts that could turn vicious and toxic.

    These days, I’ve been making solutions to problems that don’t exist.
    But this day forward, I will change that.
    These new days, I will make those days seem like a distant memory,
    These new days, I will be making my story come to life, with all of my heart.
    These new days, I will be making stories, strong enough to live on longer than I.
    I’m grateful for those days.
    Without these days, I wouldn’t be making anything at all.

  3. Samantha
    February 2, 2017 @ 9:50 pm

    These days I have been making excuses. Why can’t I do it. Why I’m not good enough. Now I realized that the only thing in my way was myself.

    I guess that’s the story I want to write. The story where people see themselves in me and see that they have the ability to do anything.

    I will be a writer and a damn good one. I will find a way to support my family through my writing and be a super successful writer.

    I think it is synchronicity that I was given this beautiful sentence. These days I have been making…

    I’m making my life. I’m writing my amazing story. This story will change my life and hopefully the loves of a few people that get the opportunity to taste the words that salivate like a dog’s mouth- the way the pen salivates on the page. My pen- or keyboard nowadays – is the pathway and has all the answers.

  4. Julia
    March 19, 2017 @ 4:44 pm

    These days, I’ve been making irrevocable changes. I’m taking a knife to my certainties and burying them alive. I’m making tombstones, graveyards, scarecrows to drive away my confidence, to create places where knowledge can die. I’m resurrecting spontaneity by bridling the assumptions that used to fence me in. I’m building bonfires to roast my insecurities, where any and all can gather around the smoke and swirling laughter reaching into places we’ll inevitably venture.

  5. Jacky
    April 4, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

    These days I’ve been lazy. lazy, lazy!
    These days I’ve been sleeping ’till 10.
    These days I’ve been watching the rain come down and playing dumb computer games.
    These days I’ve been short with my lovely man.
    This day I’m turning over a new leaf.
    This day I’m catching up with the essential chores.
    This day I’m going to make my man a real nice dinner.
    This day I’m going to write some again!

  6. Julie T
    April 5, 2017 @ 2:19 am

    These days I’ve been making new decisions, moving towards what I want in my life. Like asking the neighbors a month ago if I could walk their dog(s) every day. Or being excited at the prospect of busking with Amelia in the summer in Seaside. Or deciding at the spur of the moment to sign up for a local LARP event – which has changed my life and reinvigorated everything in the process. I am grateful to be moving towards things, instead of feeling mired in mediocrity.

    These days I’ve been making messes, although these messes are the detritus of changes in the right direction. Having the rest of the windows upgraded in our house has resulted in piles of stuff that got pulled out of the eddies around those windows. My continental-drift-paced bathroom remodel is finally headed back in the direction of being finished, instead of being further deconstructed.

    These days I’ve been making new friends, slowly, by following my heart.

    These days I’ve been making new insights in my daily morning journal and my as-they-occur dream journal. I am grateful for my ability to read the oracle in any event. <3

  7. Ilona
    April 5, 2017 @ 5:38 pm

    I can’t post exactly what I wrote; far too personal. What I discovered was fascinating. As I wrote the first words of the prompt, I didn’t know how the sentence was going to end, but when I got there, the word that finished it was ‘changes’. Then I explored the changes I’ve been making, in my relationships, in my home environment, and, by the end of the five minutes, I had realized that all the changes I’ve been making are with the explicit goal of freedom. (And in defense of my lovely husband, I must clarify that I do not mean freedom from my marriage!)

    So, thanks to this exercise, I have discovered that I am working to creating more freedom for myself on several levels at the same time. I’ve been doing a pretty good job of it prior to now. Now that my over-arching goal is made conscious, I will be doing an even better job at it.

    Thank you!

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