FAQ, Studio Membership

Where are the sessions held?

All sessions will be in our new studio space at 1898 Danforth Ave. It’s a fully wheelchair-accessible space, surrounded by sweet little shops with a park across the street.

What does it mean that we’ll be in silence?

Until we break silence (20-25 minutes before the end, depending on the size of the group) we’ll just be writing. This means no spoken words, no sign language, no meaningful glances. Of course if there’s an emergency, you can break silence immediately, but the idea is to wrap ourselves and each other in a blanket of solitude so that we can focus on what matters — our work.

What if I get a text or phone call?

We’ll ask you to turn your phones off (nope, no vibrate) and to keep them tucked away. If someone still manages to reach you, you can take the call outside.

Can I check my email?

We want to give you a break from the incessant pull of the internet, so we’re not releasing the Wifi password.

How is this different from a Studio Session?

This is a really good question. Studio Sessions were our first response to the idea of offering the space to our community for quiet writing time. It’s a more formal version of this — there’s a writing coach there, there’s cookies, we do a circle at the start and end, everyone is expected for the whole time. We love the intentional, sacred feel of these events.

But, we felt like there was something more we could offer, something more casual, more prolonged. This is our answer to that. It gives our clients a drop-in, extended option with the possibility of skipping the check-in and social element.

Honestly, we may phase the Studio Days out if this membership program takes off. We’re new to having our own space and we’re trying things out.

How many people will be in each session?

There will be twelve spots per season. We have two large workshop tables, five other work stations, yoga mats and beanbag chairs so even if everyone comes at once, there will be space for all.

Are the sessions a “safe space” for LGBTT voices, people of colour and others?

Oh yes, we hope so. We recognize that “safe space” means something different to everyone, and that it’s an ideal to strive to, always. We do everything we can to make sure that our classes celebrate and welcome all voices. If you have specific concerns, or you encounter anything that makes you uncomfortable, we’d love to talk it over and adjust as needed.

What if I can’t come to every session?

No problem. Just come as much as you can, we want you to write LOTS!

Do I have to be there the whole time?

Not at all. The door will be unlocked, you can come and go as you wish.

Do I need to write the whole time?

Absolutely not. We want you to be nourishing your writer-self the whole time, so that might mean staring out the window, going for a walk, getting a coffee or tea, reading books from our library…

Who will be overseeing the sessions?

You’ll have the same person overseeing every session so that you can build up a sense of familiarity and ease with them. It will either be a Firefly coach or a trusted long-time community member. We’ll let you know before the first session.

What if I don’t want to chat at the end?

No problem at all. Sometimes a writing session is best capped up with a quiet trip home. Just slip out before we break silence.

If I can’t come to my usual session, can I attend another session the same week?

This seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? But for us, building a sense of familiarity and community is key to creating a safe and sacred space. So, we’ll keep the groups separate. If you can’t come to a session, try to get some home writing time instead and join us again next week.

How do I pay?

The easiest way to pay is with your credit card through our PayPal system, but we’re happy to receive e-transfers too. To cut down on admin, you pay by e-transfer we’ll ask for the full amount at the start, instead of installments.

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Can We Keep In Touch?

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