Creative Writing Workshops in Toronto, upcoming season

Creative Writing Workshops in Toronto This Spring

Begin Here: A fun and easy creative writing workshop for absolute beginners

Writing isn’t complicated. Thinking about writing, avoiding writing, fearing writing, resisting writing — that’s where things get tangled up. In this workshop we’ll bust past our self-imposed barriers and just… write. This is a joyful, non-intimidating workshop for anyone who has the urge to write but just keeps putting it off.

We welcome participants who are full of fear, who have zero experience, who don’t have any idea where to start, who can’t remember a thing from school about semi-colons or the difference between “affect” and “effect.” Bring us your uncertainties and we’ll help you find the jewels hidden in your writing voice.

While almost all our workshops at Firefly are perfect for beginners, this one is designed just for them.

5 Saturday mornings,  10pm – 12pm
April 14 – May 12
At the Firefly Studio with Britt

5 Thursday evenings,  7pm – 9pm
May 31 – June 28
At the Firefly Studio with Jenna

5 Monday evenings,  7pm – 9pm
April 16 – May 14
At the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre in Oakville with Saroo

Cost: $350


Keep Your Pen Moving: A creative writing workshop for anyone who wants bulgy hand muscles

This lively writing class is ideal for beginner writers, seasoned writers, stuck writers, writers-in-waiting, writers with day jobs, writers who don’t call themselves writers just yet, and anyone who wants a regular date with their creative hearts. We’ll write quickly and slowly, seriously and playfully, letters, poems, tributes, rants, memories, tiny stories and passionate diatribes. Come to dip your toes into the beautiful world of your own words. The course includes tea, snacks, loads of encouragement, and just a little bit of homework.

8 Tuesday evenings, 7 – 9:45pm
April 10 – June 5 (No class on May 22)
At the Firefly Studio with Ailsa

8 Wednesday afternoons, 2pm – 4:45pm
May 2 – June 27 (No class on May 23)
At the Firefly Studio with Ailsa

Cost: $525

The Life Stories Workshop: A memoir writing class for people with stories in their hearts

This workshop is for folks who want to escape the grind, nourish their creative souls, and write some of their life stories. Unlike most Firefly classes, the majority of the writing will happen at home, guided by fun, interactive workbooks on a series of themes. We’ll gather weekly to read out work and receive thoughtful and supportive feedback. The goal of this class is to help participants shake away their blocks, find their writing voices, and record some of their most important moments. Beginner and seasoned students very welcome.

8 Tuesday mornings,  10am – 1pm
April 17 – June 5
At the Firefly Studio with Danette
Cost: $550 plus $30 materials fee

Life Stories for Women of Colour

6 Thursday evenings,  7 – 10pm
April 12 – May 17
At the Firefly Studio with Jenna
Cost: $450 plus $25 materials fee

Rising Tides: A writing intensive for folks ready to write their hearts out with a pack of creative allies

This class is designed for writers who want a pack of allies to work with towards a deadline. Maybe you’re halfway through a manuscript and can’t seem to get back to the keyboard. Maybe it’s finally time to start the big project that you’ve been dreaming of for years. Or maybe you’re almost at the end of something huge, and you just need to know you’re not alone out on the seas of your ideas. With the help of eight workshops, a half-day of studio time and a one-on-one coaching session, we’ll write, write, write towards whatever horizon you’re dreaming to reach.

8 Tuesday afternoons,  2 – 4:45pm
April 10 – June 5 (No class on May 22)
* PLUS A studio day on April 22 from 12-5pm
* PLUS a coaching session to be scheduled with Britt after sign-up

At the Firefly Studio with Britt
Cost: $625

Lift Off: A poetry workshop for people who don’t call themselves poets

This short and highly productive class is designed for anyone who wants to dive into that mysterious world called “poetry”, especially if they don’t have a map or compass once they get there. We’ll tear down the walls on what we think a poem is, and build them back up according to our own rules, tastes and preferences. As Lawrence ferlinghetti wrote, “Poetry isn’t a secret society.” Come join the party.

6 Thursday afternoons,  2 – 4:45pm
May 3 – June 7
At the Firefly Studio with Chris
Cost: $450

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