Wholehearted creative writing workshops in Toronto, current season

Creative Writing Workshops in Toronto This Winter

Keep Your Pen Moving: A creative writing workshop for anyone who wants bulgy hand muscles

This lively writing class is ideal for beginner writers, seasoned writers, stuck writers, writers-in-waiting, writers with day jobs, writers who don’t call themselves writers just yet, and anyone who wants a regular date with their creative hearts. We’ll write quickly and slowly, seriously and playfully, letters, poems, tributes, rants, memories, tiny stories and passionate diatribes. Come to dip your toes into the beautiful world of your own words. The course includes tea, snacks, loads of encouragement, and just a little bit of homework.

8 Thursday mornings, 10am – 12:45pm Sorry, this session is FULL.
January 11 – March 1
At the Firefly Studio with Ailsa
Cost: $525

Weekly – 8 Thursday Afternoons, 2pm – 4:45pm
February 15 – April 5
At the Firefly Studio with Jenna
Cost: $525

8 Thursday evenings, 7pm – 9:45pm- Sorry, this session is FULL.
February 15 – April 5
At the Firefly Studio with Jenna
Cost: $525


The Life Stories Workshop: A memoir writing class for people with stories in their hearts

This workshop is for folks who want to escape the grind, nourish their creative souls, and write some of their life stories. Unlike most Firefly classes, the majority of the writing will happen at home, guided by fun, interactive workbooks on a series of themes. We’ll gather weekly to read out work and receive thoughtful and supportive feedback. The goal of this class is to help participants shake away their blocks, find their writing voices, and record some of their most important moments. Beginner and seasoned students very welcome.

Weekly – 6 Saturday mornings, 10am – 1pm – Sorry, this session is FULL
January 13 – March 10 (No class on January 27, February 17 and February 24)
At the Firefly Studio with Ailsa
Cost: $450 plus $25 materials fee


Begin Here: A fun and easy creative writing workshop for absolute beginners


Writing isn’t complicated. Thinking about writing, avoiding writing, fearing writing, resisting writing — that’s where things get tangled up. In this workshop we’ll bust past our self-imposed barriers and just… write. This is a joyful, non-intimidating workshop for anyone who has the urge to write but just keeps putting it off.

We welcome participants who are full of fear, who have zero experience, who don’t have any idea where to start, who can’t remember a thing from school about semi-colons or the difference between “affect” and “effect.” Bring us your uncertainties and we’ll help you find the jewels hidden in your writing voice.

While almost all our workshops at Firefly are perfect for beginners, this one is designed just for them.

Weekly – 5 Tuesday afternoons,  2pm – 4pm Sorry, this session is FULL
January 9 – February 6
At the Firefly Studio with Jenna

Weekly – 5 Thursday evenings,  5pm – 7pm- Sorry, this session is FULL.
January 11 – February 8
At the Firefly Studio with Danette

Weekly – 5 Thursday evenings,  8pm – 10pm – Sorry, this session is FULL
January 11 – February 8
At the Firefly Studio with Danette

Cost: $340


The Further Shore: A workshop for folks ready to explore dying and loss through writing

In this workshop we’ll use writing as a tool to explore dying, loss, and the bittersweet corners of the experience of mortality. Together, we’ll excavate our feelings and beliefs around this huge topic with honesty and compassion in a community of people who actually want to talk about it too. With pens in hand, we’ll ask the big questions, tell the hard stories, and explore what it means to die, and also what it means to live.

Bi-Weekly – 8 Monday Evenings, 7pm – 9:45pm – Sorry this session is FULL
January 15 – April 30 (January 15, 29, February 12, 26, March 12, 26, April 16, 30)
At the Firefly Studio with Britt
Cost: $525


Stranger Horizons: A speculative fiction workshops for folks who want to create and step into otherwordly realities

Maybe you dream of writing the next sci-fi or fantasy classic. Or maybe you’ve always loved stories with a supernatural or unusual twist, but have never been sure where to start your own. Or maybe you just want to have some fun escaping into another world for a while.

In this workshop we’ll use the umbrella term of “speculative fiction” to explore the boundaries of this hugely popular type of fiction, whether it’s far-flung planets and high-fantasy, or worlds that look a lot like our own (but with that all important twist).

Bring us your strange ideas and we’ll work together to form them into whole worlds, full of story, characters, and intrigue.

Weekly – 8 Tuesday Evenings, 7pm – 9:45pm – Sorry, this session is FULL
January 30 – March 27 (No class March 20)
At the Firefly Studio with Ailsa
Cost: $525

Deeper Waters: A Creative Writing Intensive for writers ready to go deep

Are you craving a deeper relationship with your stories? Do you long to write more — more bravely, more productively, and more deeply? Do you want to grab your writing dreams and pull them down to the page? This  application-only class is for a small group of dedicated writers, mid-way through big projects. We’ll meet every week for 12 weeks to spend a cozy morning writing, workshopping, and discussing our writing lives. The class will involve plenty of writing in the moment, with meaningful homework to keep the magic alive between sessions.

12 Weekly Tuesday mornings, 10am – 1pm  Sorry, applications are closed and this session is FULL.
January 9 – March 27
At the Firefly studio with Danette
Cost: $725


Writing While the World is On Fire: A writing sanctuary for people making change in the world

These days there’s no scarcity of things to protest, worry about, lobby and work to change. More than ever, the problems facing our earth and it’s beings feel far, far greater than our individual ability to affect them. When we’re engaged with these issues, it’s easy for sensitive hearts to get overwhelmed.

This is workshop for folks who are working hard to create positive change in their communities, cities, countries or in the world as a whole, but have found themselves exhausted. Maybe you work for a non-profit and you’re feeling buried in the day-to-day. Maybe you counsel with troubled youths and you can feel your life energy draining with every season that passes. Maybe you’ve just written more letters to politicians than you ever thought you could imagine.

Your work may be professional or volunteer, it may be on the individual level or the collective, you may find yourself left or right of center. Wherever you are, this is a workshop to pause the action, and reconnect to the voice and drive that sent you down this path in the first place.

This workshop won’t teach you how to take action, but rather will give you a process for when your actions don’t feel like enough.

3 Weekly Friday evenings, 6:15pm – 9:45pm- Sorry this session is FULL.
January 12 – January 26
At the Firefly studio with Chris
Cost: $340


Through My Eyes: A Workshop Just for Teens

In this 6-week workshop, a group of teens will explore the power of words to express who they really are. Each workshop the group will dive into new forms of writing, including poetry, character development, spoken word, memoir, and more. We’ll explore letting what’s inside of ourselves out in a way that’s exhilarating, honest, encouraging and super-fun.

Weekly – 6 Wednesday afternoons, 4pm-6pm
January 24 – March 7 (no class on February 14) with a reading on March 9th at 7pm
At the Firefly Studio with Jenna
Cost: $365
We recommend this workshop for ages 14-18.

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