Creative Writing Coaching Package: “Who am I, again?”

Creative Writing Coaching Package: “Who Am I, Again?”

Do you remember the last time you loved writing?

Do you remember how words and stories used to bring you to the door of your heart, your power and your sense of self? Think back — it may have been in grade school or even earlier. Remember how good it felt?

This is a package for people who want to get back to that feeling.

Maybe you stopped because you found yourself in a work or school situation that nurtured a different writing voice. Maybe you stopped because grown-up responsibilities got in the way. Maybe you stopped because someone discouraged you terribly. Whatever it was, you’re ready to get back to it, and you’re looking for a front porch light to lead you home.

For most of us, this us a scary moment. Returning to writing after a long break can feel unsettling, even panicky. Your nerves, your tears and your messiness are all more than welcome in this process.

Together with your coach, you’ll listen closely to what your heart wants to say right now. You’ll experiment with different forms and voices to find the ones that feel the most delicious. You’ll try on some ideas for projects to carry your work past what you can imagine right now. You’ll play around with ways to make writing a regular part of your life, moving you forward long after your three months are up.

This package is perfect for people who: Online creative writing workshop sign-up button

* Haven’t written for themselves in months, years or even decades.
* Aren’t totally sure what they want to write about or what form it will take.
* Don’t feel quite ready for a class, or just love the idea of a totally personalized process.
* Have been wanting to start writing for a while, but can’t quite seem to get out of the gates.

This package won’t be ideal if:

* You’re mid-way through a manuscript. Check out I Thought This Would Be Done By Now or Manuscript Services for that.
* You’re looking for a lot of detailed written feedback on your work. This package is focused on the process of writing more than the product.
* Your intent is solely to publish — we want to help you get back to your deepest joy in writing, which may or may not produce something you want to share widely.

The nuts and bolts of it — you will receive:

* Six one-hour conversations with your coach, one every two weeks for three months. These can be via phone, Skype or in person in Toronto.
* Up to 2,000 words of work submitted to your coach’s eyes for discussion in each meeting.
* Written feedback on up to 4,000 words of your work at the end of the package, to celebrate what you’ve accomplished.
* A vault of recorded audio warm-ups help you get unstuck anytime.
* Writerly gifts in the (real) mail to support your progress.


There’s a $250 fee to get started, then you’ll be charged $295 at the end of each month for 3 months.  Click here to see our full financial policies.

Want to know more about what coaching is like?

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch our 3-minute video on what coaching can provide. If you still have questions, our coaching FAQ is here or you can always drop the wonderful Bree a line, she is a fountain of answers.

Your coach

You’ll work with one of Firefly’s six powerful writing coaches — click here to get to know them. After you fill out your intake questionnaire, we’ll determine which one will be the best match for you. If you already have a hunch who you want to work with, you can request them on the form.

Ready to take a deep breath and dive in?

Fill out our intake form and sign up here!

Intake Questionnaire


If you have questions that aren’t covered on our FAQ page or you just need a guide to help you find the right Firefly program, drop Bree a line. She’ll be happy to help you find just the right thing.

Not finding quite what you’re looking for?

Check out our other coaching packages, or if you’re looking for something a little less intensive, see what online classes we have coming up. If you are longing for a guide, drop Bree a line and let her know what you’re looking for.

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