Creative Writing Coaching Package: “My life is full of stories.”

Memoir Writing Coaching Package: My Life is Full of Stories.

So you have some stories you want to tell…

This is a package for people whose lives are bursting with stories, but who aren’t quite sure how to tell them. It’s hard, right? Life stories are complex, personal and sometimes messy. Getting started can be completely overwhelming. But, it doesn’t need to be.

This package offers a rich mixture of direction and connection. Every month you’ll get a booklet in the (real) mail with a theme to write about and a pile exercises, lists, questions and tiny projects to help you get started. You’ll have one month to write a piece on that theme and send it to your coach. Soon thereafter you’ll have an hour-long chat with your coach via phone, Skype, or face-to-face in Toronto, where she’ll shine a light for you on what’s powerful in your work, what’s beautiful, and what you might want to expand in on other pieces.

In your conversations with your coach, she’ll also help you understand what’s coming up for you in your writing process. You may want to explore the underlying themes in your stories and how these could come together as a large-scale writing project. You may want to get support with telling the truth about memories that may hurt others. You may want to work on creating a regular writing practice, or gently dissect the resistances that come up when you sit down to write. Your coach will be right beside you, helping you untangle your questions and get back to the page with power and grace.

By the end of the package, you’ll have at least seven beautiful finished stories, plenty of ideas for more, and the creative inspiration to keep you going and going.

This package is perfect for people who:Online creative writing workshop sign-up button

* Crave direction. While the booklets leave a lot of room for innovation, they will give you themes, projects and specific instructions. If you already know what direction you want your writing to go in, check out It’s Time to Start the Big One.
* Love real mail, in the real mailbox (like we do!) This is the most mail-heavy of the packages by far.
* May be just beginning their writing journeys, or may be further along, but find themselves needing some structure to guide them forward.
* Want to capture the richness of their one precious life.
* Aren’t afraid of belly laughs and nostalgic tears.

This package won’t be ideal if:

* You’re craving a fast-paced process. With one deadline and one coaching session per month, this is the most leisurely of our packages.
* You’ve done the “Monthly Memoirs” class in the fall of 2015 or later. This package uses the same little booklets as we introduced that season. (People who took “Monthly Memoirs” earlier will remember homemade photocopied booklets — you’re in luck! These are all new themes and instructions.)
* You are already partway through a manuscript. Check out I Thought This Would Be Done By Now or Manuscript Services for that.
* You have one specific story you want to tell. This package will help you dip your toe into seven different topics.

The nuts and bolts of it — you will receive:

* Seven one-hour meetings with your writing coach (one per month for seven months) plus a half-hour call to get you started. These can be via phone, Skype or in person in Toronto.
* Seven deadlines to send in work for your coach to read before each call. These can be up to 3,000 words.
* Seven beautiful Firefly booklets in the mail, each with a theme to write about, a bunch of ideas on how to approach that theme, fun exercises, tiny projects, and a writing tip that you can take or leave.
* A vault of recorded audio warm-ups and memoir tools help you get un-stuck anytime.
* Writerly gifts in the (real) mail in addition to your packages to support your progress.


There’s a $250 fee to get started, then you’ll be charged $170 at the end of each month for seven months. Click here to see our full financial policies.

Want to know more about what coaching is like?

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch our 3-minute video on what coaching can provide. If you still have questions, our coaching FAQ is here or you can always drop the wonderful Bree a line, she is a fountain of answers.

Your coach

You’ll work with one of Firefly’s six powerful writing coaches — click here to get to know them. After you fill out your intake questionnaire, we’ll determine which one will be the best match for you. If you already have a hunch who you want to work with, you can request them on the form.

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If you have questions that aren’t covered on our FAQ page or you just need a guide to help you find the right Firefly program, drop Bree a line. She’ll be happy to help you find just the right thing.

Not finding quite what you’re looking for?

Check out our other coaching packages, or if you’re looking for something a little less intensive, see what online classes we have coming up. If you are longing for a guide, drop Bree a line and let her know what you’re looking for.

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