Online Creative Writing Workshop: Coming Home To Writing

Online Writing Workshop: Coming Home To Writing

You want to write.

You are saturated with stories and ideas. It’s natural and it’s beautiful, and it’s also really hard. You need a little direction, a little courage, and a little love. This class will give you all three.

Coming Home to Writing is a class for people who want to have fun with words, connect with their true voices, ask big writerly questions, and create, create, create…all while staying at home in their PJs.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll meet live and online every week for 90 minutes over the course of seven weeks. You’ll see and hear Chris streaming live from Firefly Headquarters while you share your writing and comment on each others’ on a secret Facebook group. Together, each week, we’ll work through a BUNCH of short, fun writes. We’ll fly our fingers across our keyboards splashing our memories and imaginations onto the screen. We’ll expand our reach and experiment with new voices. We’ll share. We’ll support each others’ brave, tender voices. We’ll produce a ton of new work.

Between sessions Coach Ailsa will read a bunch of what’s been shared and send out a “Taking it Deeper” email, with optional extra assignments and resources to help you sink more fully into your creative life. She’ll also send out a recording of the online session, in case you missed it.

Oh, and mail! At some point during the class, you’ll receive a sweet little package in the mail with goodies to support and treat your creative life.

Still curious? Watch this video about how our online classes work.

This class is ideal for people who:

~ Feel a creative pulse, but haven’t listened to it in a while.
~ Struggle to make time for their creative projects, or even to dream up creative projects.
~ Used to write, but have lost touch with that spark.
~ Have wandered away from the joy of words.
~ Want to understand their creative selves more deeply.

You can expect to walk away with:

~ Lots of short new writes.
~ A renewed sense of your unique gifts as a writer.
~ Friends who are on the same path.
~ Advice and materials to support you in nurturing your creative life.
~ Courage, momentum, and a feeling of dizzying possibility.

This class won’t give you:

~ Critique or competition. We believe that creative seeds need love and support to grow.
~ Strict rules on “how to write”. This class is for loosening up and getting it done—not worrying about doing it perfectly.
~ Pressure to write things you don’t want to write. We go where the joy is!
~ Iron-clad discipline. You get out of this class what you put into it.


7 Tuesday evenings, 7:00 – 8:30pm 
September 26 – November 21 (No class October 17, October 31)
Chris will teach the class and Ailsa will be the “coach on call”.


The total fee for the seven-session class is $295 CAD. You can pay the full amount when you register, or break it up into three automatic credit-card payments of $96.33. Click here to see our full financial policies.

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Here’s a link to the Q & A for all Firefly online classes. If you still don’t have the answer you’re looking for, drop Bree a line. She is the expert on all things Firefly.

Please note:

You will need a Facebook account and a decent internet connection to get the most out of this class. Weak wireless signals or dial-up might result in choppy video. There’s more about this in the Q & A. Drop us a line if you have any uncertainties.

Want more class options?

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What people are saying:

As a beginner writer, I was a little apprehensive being in a group of experienced writers. Chris was very inviting and I felt as much a part of the group as the next person. I loved all her projects and assignments and felt encouraged to continue after the class was over. Chris has a gentle voice throughout each class which made it very relaxing for me as I did the writing assignments. I also loved the poetry she picked to read to us. I would recommend this class to all levels of writers. I would definitely do it again!

Haidee Sullivan
Holistic Health Coach

Firefly is truly an amazing community — what a pleasure to take part in it for a little while! My irregular schedule meant that Firefly wouldn’t have been accessible to me without the online format of this class, which (I’m glad to say) was easy to use and felt perfectly friendly and personal. Every week, Chris and Jenna created a deeply loving and nurturing space filled with encouragement. Coming Home to Writing was like a cozy refuge against the chaos of my day; I always came out feeling supported and refreshed.

Chris Klippenstein
Writer, Graduate Student

I was always amazed at Chris’ ability to spark so much creativity, energy and enthusiasm within our little online community of “Coming Home to Writing.” Chris’ passion for the art of writing was infectious. Her excitement for seeing and reading our posted pieces was never hindered by the fact we were separated by computer screens and cyber space. At first, the thought of sharing my writing, unedited, for others to see was quite frankly, very unnerving. But from my first online post, I quickly realized how supportive, safe and encouraging the group of fellow writers really were. Every week, I came away from the class feeling inspired to write more and always eager for next week’s online writing adventures.

Marlene Chiarotto
Mother, Wife, Dreamer, Writer-in-Training

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