Introducing: Writing Coach Danette Relic

Introducing Writing Coach Danette Relic

Danette is a wildly creative coach whose deepest desire is to help people find beauty and meaning in ordinary lives.

When she is not running workshops and seeing clients at Firefly, she is seeing clients in her life coaching practice Radical Creative Sanctuary, running workshops on marrying yourself and working on Crash Bloom, a book about all the potential beauty of loss in breakups. Danette started her career at the Ontario College of Art and Design where she won the Paul Baker Memorial Award for Creative Writing, but quickly realized that what lit her heart on fire wasn’t only making her own art, but creating spaces where other people could make theirs. She completed trainings at The Create Institute, Centre for Expressive Arts Therapy Education, The Coaches Training Institute and continues to expand her creativity and personal development library at home — much to the dismay of her groaning bookshelves.

Danette’s workshops and coaching sessions are saturated in the qualities that define her — warmth, approachability, authenticity, laughter and play. She loves helping people understand who they are by understanding their creative process. She dreams of a day where the whole world will fall in love with itself and come alive through each individual’s self expression. She loves getting lost in stationary shops, singing with Choir!Choir!Choir! and adding to her mouth-wateringly gorgeous Instagram feed. A truly great Saturday would include slow brunch, good company, peals of laughter, a saucy innuendo, journaling in a coffee shop and watching Grey’s Anatomy re-runs while painting her nails.

What clients are saying about Danette…

I had been lugging around this six-year monolith of a manuscript. The weight of trying to figure it all out was starting to drain me. In steps Danette with a series of sweet, amazing, fun, powerful, genuinely caring meetings, and the manuscript went from heaving mess to done. Seriously! Danette has a way of hearing the heart of a story, responding to the place of the writer’s journey, and of nourishing a weary writing soul. Everyone needs a Danette. Everyone.

Erika Bailey
International Transition Advisor, University of Toronto

Signing up for coaching with Danette was one of the most significant life investments I’ve ever made. I knew if I was going to take this great leap in developing my writing practice, it would have to be with someone I trusted and admired but whose presence did not intimidate me.  I had previously met Danette and her personality, energy, sensitivity and passion for expression always left me uplifted, energized and hopeful.  I instinctively knew that she was the coach to hold my hands through this.

What surprised me most about the coaching experience is that the meetings did not feel like intense writing sessions, they felt more like I was hanging out with a long-time friend over some tea and delighting in the possibility of expressing everything under the human spectrum in words.

As her coaching client, most definitely expect laughter and play as key ingredients in sessions. Let me warn you, Danette’s laughter, sincere delightful energy and zest for writing is contagious and she is passionate and very skillful in helping you find a way through every resistance or fear. Prepare yourself for some unexpected developments.  She is persistent in gently overturning every stone to discover the secret writer in your scribbles, grocery lists, love poems, journal entries and  doodles. In Danette’s presence, you will be found, heard, seen and be wholeheartedly discovered as a writer.

Kanwal Rahim
Dancer, Artist, Healer, Mentor


I had no expectations when I signed up for this package but promised myself to be open to the experience. Luckily it was magic at first smile. Immediately, Danette was able to reach into my mind and pull out the wonderful story that was stashed away for years. It’s as though she was introducing me to my very own characters and I fell in love with them all over again. We connected instantly and I feel free to share with her both my eagerness and hesitations. With her support, I have come to appreciate and trust my own unique writing style – a realization that is more valuable than can be described. I knew after our first session that I had made the best decision in my writing journey.


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